Guarantee of origin certificates are used to label the source of electricity. Argus assesses certificates for Nordic hydro, European wind, European solar and European biomass for the current year, previous year and 3 years ahead.

Argus also assess UK guarantee of origin certificates, Regos, for biomass and non-biomass for the current compliance period as well as two ahead. All continental GOO assessments are published on a daily basis, while UK Rego assessments are published weekly.

European GOOs

Previous year Current year 1 year ahead 2 years ahead 3 years ahead
Nordic hydro
European wind
European solar
European biomass

UK Regos

  Current compliance period 1 compliance period ahead 2 compliance periods ahead 3 compliance periods ahead

Price assessment details

What are the advantages of the Argus GOO price assessments?

Markets for GOOs are extremely opaque, with liquidity spread across a variety of trading venues.

Argus captures best bids and offers across a range of trading platforms on a daily basis, which, combined with confirmed deals done, allows for robust and fair daily assessments. Argus provides a weekly commentary on price trends for a wider range of GOO products and market developments, and publishes specifications of confirmed deals.

How are these assessments used?

Renewable generators, suppliers or corporate customers looking to increase their green portfolio, intermediary traders, utilities and financial investors can rely on Argus' independent price assessments when buying and selling GOOs.

The daily assessment can be used as an independent floating price settlement for long-term contracts, including as a clause in long-term power purchase agreements.

How do you access them?

Subscribers to Argus European Electricity can access these prices daily via datafeeds, on the Argus Direct® platform, or within the end of day report.

Key price assessments

Argus prices are recognised by the market as trusted and reliable indicators of the real market value.