The Argus Northeast Asia des (ANEA™) LNG price is a daily physical spot price assessment for LNG cargoes delivered ex-ship (des) to ports in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China. The assessment is of prices for deliveries across four half-month windows that start 2-5 half months forward from the date of assessment. 

The ANEA™ price assessment is used as a reference for spot LNG trading and represents market activity in the major LNG demand centre of northeast Asia. The region accounts for the majority of LNG demand globally. 

Argus also assesses a forward price for the ANEA™ assessment. This is for physically delivered LNG for six forward months and four forward quarters.

Price assessment details

What are the advantages of the Argus Northeast Asia des (ANEA™) price assessment?

The ANEA™ price is a robust and reliable assessment that accurately represents the market, thanks to fair value indications, bids and offers from a broad spectrum of market participants including producers, consumers, portfolio suppliers, traders and brokers across Asia-Pacific.

The ANEA™ assessment takes into account all relevant trades and price information over the course of the Asian day, up until 4:30pm Singapore time.

Argus reporters glean insights from across the market to produce a daily market commentary in the Argus LNG Daily report that provides analysis and brings context and clarity to price movements.

How is this assessment used?

The ANEA™ price assessment is used as a reference price by oil firms, trading companies, utilities and banks based in Asia.

Price details

The ANEA™ price is denominated in US dollars per million Btu and represents cargoes based on a vessel size of 135,000-185,000m3.

Access to the ANEA™ price

The ANEA™ price is published as part of the Argus LNG Daily service. You can access ANEA price assessments on the Argus Direct interactive platform, have the price delivered through a data feed or Argus Direct for Spreadsheets, receive it through one of our third-party partners or get it direct to your inbox within the daily report.

Key price assessments

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