Argus RED Advanced Fame 0°C CFPP fob ARA is a daily price assessment for an advanced biodiesel made from waste feedstocks as defined by RED II Annex IX Part A, with a 0°C CFPP (cold filter plugging point). Like other biodiesels (Fame 0, UCOME, RME), it is blended with diesel to meet renewables targets, but differs from the other biodiesels by its feedstocks.

RED is the regulatory framework for increasing the renewable share in European transport fuels and governs how the European Union member states transition towards more environmentally friendly transport energy. Its transport target for 2021-2030 has specific sub-targets for advanced biofuels blends, which makes Advanced Fame an instrumental biofuel to meet these increasing blend targets.

The shipping industry is another transport segment supportive of an advanced waste based biofuel price assessment. There is an increasing pressure on this transport segment to decarbonise, and biofuels are an important short- and medium-term solution to meet targets.

Price assessment details

What are the advantages of the Argus RED Advanced Fame 0°C CFPP fob ARA price assessment?

This daily assessment is the industry’s first price assessment for Advanced Fame and it establishes an important cost reference for compliance under the RED frameworks. In addition to the daily price, market commentary and analysis provide further transparency for this new and fast-growing market. 

The Argus RED Advanced FAME 0°C CFPP fob ARA price assessment complements the existing FAME biodiesel complex where Argus is the market price benchmark provider – making even more of a complete price portfolio for anyone in this market.

How is this assessment used?

The Argus RED Advanced FAME 0 biodiesel price assessment is a trusted reference used in contract settlement for supply agreements, swaps and futures trade, and transfer pricing. Users include refiners, suppliers, logistics providers and terminal operators among many others.

Key price assessments

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