The Argus cif northwest Europe (NWE) wood pellet spot index is the benchmark price reference for industrial wood pellets delivered to ports in northwest Europe, including Denmark and the UK, with a 90-day spot window.

It is also known as Argus cif ARA and Argus cif NWE.

Price assessment details

What are the advantages of the Argus cif northwest Europe price assessment?

This comprehensive price assessment is based on a survey of the vast majority of participants active on the spot market, including all large European utilities that use wood pellets, and the vast majority of North American producers.

In 1Q 2020, over 250,000t of spot trades were captured.

The assessment is published weekly, ensuring users are up to date on the latest price movements.


How is this assessment used?

The Argus cif northwest Europe wood pellet spot index is the trusted market benchmark, used by European utilities, major and mid-sized suppliers in North America and the Baltic region, and traders and brokers across the global biomass market.

It is also used as the underlying settlement price for the cash-settled derivative, cleared through the European Energy Exchange (EEX).


How to access this price?

The Argus cif northwest Europe wood pellet spot index is published as part of our specialist subscription service, Argus Biomass Markets.

Subscribers can access this price on our interactive platform Argus Direct, have it fed directly into their systems via API and FTP datafeeds or our third party partners, or request for it to be emailed to them directly as part of the weekly market report.

Key price assessments

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