Argus Diesel 10ppm (Restricted Origin)

Argus Diesel 10ppm (Restricted Origin)

Argus pricing solutions for diesel cargoes coming into Europe

Trade flows into Europe are changing as the region seeks to replace the diesel that used to be supplied from Russia. With increased flows from further afield, the region’s imports are increasingly long-range cargoes.

Argus price assessments capture long-range 2 (LR2) cargoes for two destinations in Europe, providing much-needed transparency into this evolving market.

Argus Diesel 10ppm (Restricted Origin) price assessments

Argus offers price assessments that capture a range of cargo sizes and destinations in Europe, enabling you to navigate the market, manage risks and make well-informed decisions.

Cargoes ranging 90,000-100,000t:

  • Diesel 10ppm LR2 (Restricted Origin) cif ARA NWE (PA0037627)
  • Diesel 10ppm LR2 (Restricted Origin) cif West Med (PA0037628)

Cargoes ranging 30,000-60,000t:

  • Diesel 10ppm (Restricted Origin) cif ARA NWE (PA0035655)
  • Diesel 10ppm (Restricted Origin) cif West Med (PA0036419)

Advantages of the Argus Restricted Origin Diesel price assessment

Argus is the first to provide a price reference for the LR2 (90,000-100,000t) cargoes that are expected to make up the majority of imports coming from the Middle East, Asia and the US.

How much can diesel trade routes into Europe grow? See our supply/demand balance forecast here

Argus Open Markets for European Diesel

Bringing even more transparency to the market, Argus Open Markets (AOM) for European Diesel provides a platform for companies to place bids and offers and to initiate trades, allowing you to see the market as it develops in real time.

AOM Diesel 2022

This information is also used to further inform the Argus Restricted Origin Diesel price assessments.

See the Argus European Products price methodology here

Who uses the Argus Restricted Origin Diesel price assessments?

  • Traders - Connecting diesel suppliers with buyers across and within regions
  • Refineries - Needing a value of non-Russian diesel to understand how to maximise value for their refineries and the economics to underpin their production decisions
  • Producers - Companies attempting to sell their diesel production into Europe from further afield
  • Analysts - Needing a pricing tool for this ‘new pricing structure’
  • Risk managers - Needing to limit or remove financial risk in case of further sanctions on non-Russian diesel and diesel of any origin
  • Procurement managers - Buying diesel for their businesses
  • Sales and pricing managers - Needing fair and reflective price levels in supply contracts to set when selling diesel downstream

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