Methodology documentation

Access the latest documentations, data, listings and specifications for all the methodologies we employ:

Full methodology listings
We are committed to providing full transparency into our methods, so detailed specification guides are available for every price reporting product we offer.
Publishing schedule
We understand the trading challenges caused by regional holiday schedules. We produce our annual publishing calendar early, transparently and in consultation with the affected industry and markets.
Data Documentation
We want our subscribers to have complete clarity about the data that we publish, which is why we provide a series of subscriber documentation files in CSV format.
Data Announcements
Adding, changing and cancelling data points is essential to ensure we continue to deliver accurate and reliable coverage. You can track all of the latest announcements across all of the price reporting products as we publish them.
Our commitment to transparency extends to corrections processes. If a correction is required, we publish corrected data in reports, data-feed products and to the public via our website.


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Argus approach to methodology

Argus price assessments are the published value of a commodity, free from distortion and representative of spot market values. But a price is just the tip of the iceberg. We use a market-appropriate methodology to assess prices in each of the markets we cover.

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