Author Argus

Hear Argus’ intriguing review of the history of the fertilizer industry, from early civilization through to the late 1800s. Learn more about the key developments in this period as Mike Nash, Senior Editor and Maria Mosquera, Editor of Argus Sulphur walk you through a pivotal period in the story of fertilizers in the fourth episode of the Fertilizer Matters podcast series.

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Key topics covered in the podcast:

  • The origins: Use of organic fertilizers by ancient civilizations (particularly the Romans and the Chinese)
  • Scaling up in the 1800s: The story of the Chincha Islands, Peru - and guano
  • The tragic history of work gangs and slave labour to mine guano
  • Atacama Desert, Chile - 1870s: Huge deposits of naturally occurring nitrates discovered
  • The application of these deposits for fertilizer application, fireworks and explosives

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