Author Argus

Hear Argus’ concise analysis of the logistics situation on the Mississippi river in the US, focusing on the lack of snowpack in the northern plains and how that impacts water levels, fertilizer barge traffic and regional fertilizer market prices.

Join Mike Nash, Senior Editor, and Meghan Yoyotte, Reporter – Argus North American Fertilizer reporter as they discuss this topic in the latest episode of Argus’ Fertilizer Matters podcast series.


Key topics covered in the podcast:

  • Low snow pack in the northern plains - key causes and the role of El Nino
  • How the snow pack determines Mississippi river flows throughout the spring season and into the summer
  • Drought conditions facing the Mississippi river over the last two years
  • Towing and draft capacity restrictions on the Mississippi river – and the impact on fertilizer logistics within the river system
  • The potential for wider disparities in regional fertilizer market prices due to additional freight costs


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