Fertilizer Matters: Phosphates in Asia, May 2024

Hear Argus’ analysis of changing market dynamics in the Chinese phosphate rock market in response to growing LFP battery demand, and the growth in DAP imports to South East Asia. Join Andrea Valentini, VP, Business Development and Huijun Yao, Editor, Asia Fertilizers as they discuss these topics in the latest episode of Argus’ Fertilizer Matters podcast series.

Key topics covered in the podcast:

  • China’s electric vehicle production ramp up impacting LFP battery materials demand 
  • Battery and phosphate producers competing to source phosphoric acid 
  • The impact on Chinese phosphate rock pricing, trade flows and imports
  • Forecasting phosphate rock demand growth to satisfy the LFP battery sector
  • China’s export restriction on DAP leading to increased DAP imports to Southeast Asia from Morocco, Saudia Arabia and Russia
  • Two Chinese phosphate rock prices and one Southeast Asia DAP price launched by Argus to provide transparency and pricing direction 


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