Author Argus

Hear Argus’ analysis of potash market developments, focusing on Belarussian exports and their recovery in 2023.

Join Julia Campbell, Editor of Argus Potash and David Maher, Editor of Argus NPKs as they discuss this topic in the latest episode of Argus’ Fertilizer Matters podcast series.

Key topics covered in the podcast:

  • Recap on sanctions imposed on Belarus and the impact of Lithuania's ban on transport of Belarussian products to the port of Klaipeda
  • BPC's potash exports recovery this year through several new supply routes, with an increased focus on two Russian ports
  • The logistical pressure on the Russian rail system
  • The emergence of China as a key potash outlet for Belarus
  • Impact of discounts on Belarussian potash last year, in contrast to reduced discounting this year

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