Weight of Freight: Navigating the Essentials of EU ETS and Maritime Decarbonization

The global shipping industry is a cornerstone of the world's economy, yet it faces the critical challenge of reducing emissions. To help you navigate the new EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) for shipping, join experts Andrew Khaw, Editor Asia Freight, Mahua Chakravarty, Editor Asia Marine Fuels from Argus Media, and Brijesh Tewari, Lead Maritime Decarbonisation Consultant from Lloyd's Register.

Key topics covered in the podcast:

  • Understanding the EU ETS for Shipping: What it is and how it works.
  • Impact on Different Vessel Types: Effects on tankers, dry bulk, and container ships.
  • Cost Optimization Strategies: How shipowners can minimize costs, including the use of alternative fuels.
  • Supply Chain Implications: How ETS compliance costs will influence the supply chain.

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