How much renewable diesel is coming into California over the next week? And what does the R100 spread between California and Oregon look like?

Renewable diesel production capacity is set to double by the end of 2027. With this anticipated growth over the coming years, it is critical to ensure fair and reflective values are provided for market participants. As the leading source of global renewable diesel pricing intelligence, this weekly market insight will shine a light on this relatively new and fast paced market and provide visibility to price indicators. 

-California R99 head of the pipeline differentials weakened over the week. 
-Argus vessel tracking data currently indicates two vessels carrying a maximum of 560,000 bl of renewable diesel inbound to California. The Torm India is set to deliver up to 320,000 bl from Singapore into Los Angeles on 12 January, while Richmond is set to receive the STI Manhattan on 20 January, with as much as 240,000 bl of RD from Singapore.
-At the offtake level, R100 pricing in California remains at a steady premium over R100 in Oregon after Oregon Clean Fuels Program (OCFP) credits plunged on 26 October, but the spread reached its narrowest on 3 January, when California R100 was valued around 573¢/USG and Oregon R100 was at 558¢/USG. 

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