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ARGUS Neftepanorama

The Argus Neftepanorama service, published weekly in Russian, covers the global oil and products markets, focusing on European refining margins and developments in the European fuel markets.

The report provides insights into crude shipments to northwest, central and eastern Europe, as well as the Mediterranean, and analyses trends in the regional markets for motor fuels and other oil products. In addition to its own materials, the publication uses the data from Argus’ English language reports and information from our reporters based in the FSU and eastern Europe.


  • The only market report that provides comprehensive coverage of the crude oil market and fuel industry in the Balkan states, and central and eastern Europe
  • Regular market coverage of the largest importing countries of Russian crude, including the supply and demand balance, crude shipments, oil refining and turnarounds at refineries
  • Analysis of crude exports and the oil products market in Europe and other regions
  • Prices and refining margins in Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific
  • Monthly supplement on gas
  • Detailed updated statistics and industry news

Markets covered

  • Central and eastern Europe
  • Balkans
  • Mediterranean
  • Northwest Europe
  • Middle East
  • China
  • Asia-Pacific
  • US

Key features

  • Insights into the crude and oil products markets in Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific
  • Trends in the crude and oil products markets, and oil refining margins
  • Analysis of the market environment
  • Assessment of global crude production, supply and demand
  • Developments in Opec and other oil-producing countries
  • Interviews with oil producers and refiners, and oil terminal and pipeline operators
  • Price forecasts by major investment banks
  • Prices for natural gas at key European trading hubs

Customers that benefit

The Argus Neftepanorama service provides insightful analysis of European oil and products markets and the Russian oil and gas industry. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:

  • Crude and oil products market analysts use the information contained in the report to prepare price forecasts and understand market trends in the European and global markets for crude and oil products.
  • Traders and trading firms use our data to monitor price movements in the crude and oil products markets.
  • Refiners and oil producers use the price assessments and price data to arrange deals and enter into contracts.

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