Base Oils

Base Oils

As the world pivots towards decarbonisation, challenges and opportunities loom for base oils production and demand. Staying on top of this market is more important than ever to realise these opportunities and mitigate pricing risk.


Argus Base Oils, the weekly spot price report is the trusted reference for global base oils spot prices, supplier posted prices, market commentary and news for all key markets. The Base Oils Outlook forecasts global prices out for 12-months to inform on how prices are expected to trend based on global supply-demand dynamics and refinery economics. With annual base oils conferences and networking opportunities, Argus ensures you are kept up to date on all developments in the base oils market.


Global Base Oil



Base oils key prices

Argus prices are recognised by the market as accurate and reliable indicators of the real market value. Explore some of our most widely used price assessments for base oils.
  • map of Europe region

    ARGUS Europe Group II fca ARA

    Argus Group II base oil assessments capture the latest changes in demand-supply fundamentals in the European market.
  • map of Europe region

    ARGUS Europe Group III (a) and (b)

    The only Group III assessments in the market that seek to differentiate Group III base oils with different approvals.
  • map of usa region

    ARGUS USGC GI and GII bulk export

    A large volume of US base oil exports is referenced or indexed to Argus US Group I and Group II assessments in the region.
  • map of usa region

    ARGUS USGC Group III domestic

    The prices are used by importers, distributors and blenders looking to purchase Group III base oils in the US.

Explore some of our services

  • ARGUS Base Oils

    The weekly Argus Base Oils service provides base oils spot prices, supplier-posted prices, market analysis and premiums for all the key markets globally.
  • ARGUS Americas Base Oils

    The Argus Americas Base Oils service provides weekly spot and posted prices, market news and analysis of the Americas base oils market.
  • ARGUS Base Oils Outlook

    Stay ahead of the curve with the Argus Base Oils Outlook service, which monthly forecasts key base oils prices up to 12 months into the future.
  • ARGUS China Base Oils

    The Argus China Base Oils service provides an overview of the week’s market activities, as well as detailed base oil price assessments and analysis in the northeast Asia base oil market.
  • ARGUS Global Waxes

    The Argus Global Waxes service is your trustworthy source of monthly global wax and supply updates.

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