Navigating turbulent oil and energy markets is challenging. From wars to pandemics and the ongoing climate and energy transition debate, macroeconomic, geopolitical and regulatory developments are constantly creating uncertainties.

Our business intelligence reports provide high-quality, in-depth and unbiased analysis of the latest trends and developments in oil and energy markets. These insightful reports help you to understand how changing market conditions will impact your investments and strategies. We reveal previously unknown insights, so that you can better identify risks and opportunities, and make your decisions with confidence.

Key features


Market trends and developments

Understand what’s driving the market now, and how it might affect the market in the coming weeks and months.


Independent view

An authoritative, unbiased view of the market, backed by our strong subject matter expertise and proprietary data.


Global networks

Analysis drawing on our network of market reporters and news correspondents in energy hubs across the globe.


Short-term analysis

Understand what’s driving the market today, and how the implications in the coming weeks and months.


Digestible insights

Insightful content that’s easy to understand, even if you are not tracking oil markets daily.

Customers that benefit

From oil companies, IOCs and NOCs, governments and regulators, banks and beyond, our business intelligence reports are aimed at management and executives who are not tracking the market every day, but need to know and understand what’s happening and what it means for their business:
  • Senior executives

    Profit from our trusted and independent analysis of the key market, investment and policy trends affecting oil and energy to help them make the right strategic choices for their company.

  • Trading managers

    Stay on top of what is happening to oil prices and why, without having to track the market day-by-day.
  • Corporate strategists

    Understand the economic, geopolitical and regulatory forces shaping oil and energy markets, learn how their competitors are responding and accurately assess the risks and opportunities facing their business.

  • Economists

    Form a clear picture of the likely oil market direction through our unrivalled data-driven analysis of the dynamics at play behind prices, trade flows and fundamentals.

Analytics and forecasting

Identify the insights most relevant to you with our forward-looking research, produced by recognised industry experts.

Through fundamentals data, analytical tools and data visualisation, forward-looking price outlooks and strategy reports, we bring the future into focus to help you realise your opportunities.

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