This essential market intelligence service provides organic and non-GMO commodity prices, market insights, proprietary data and online analysis tools for wheat, corn and soybeans. Use this service to manage risk, protect margins and access hard-to-find data on opaque markets.

Key features


Concise weekly summary report

Get weekly news, key prices, analysis and three and six-month market trends for organic wheat, organic corn and organic soybeans.


Bi-annual supply and demand report

Includes updated acreage and yield analysis as well as additional supporting datasets.


Market movers

Review the leading news stories, market commentaries and most influential developments at a glance.


Dedicated online dashboard

Access robust and reliable news, insight, data and interactive maps, all in one place. Includes access to Argus Workspaces – powerful, editorially curated and customisable dashboards.


Enhanced visualisation

Find charts, interactive maps and visualisation on crop conditions, geopolitical news, harvesting progress and everything that shapes the organic agriculture markets.


Trade analytics

Essential analysis of US maritime imports and customs imports.


Proprietary datasets

Download robust and comprehensive proprietary datasets to help you get a precise view of your crops of interest.

Customers that benefit

  • Producers

    Better understand present and future crop value, make informed planting, purchasing and investment decisions.


  • Millers, elevators, brokers

    Uncover key market trends, improve risk management and access granular market information.


  • Manufacturers

    Gain better insight into their supply chain, understand fundamentals of input costs and gain an edge through customised market research.
  • Investors, financial analysts

    Access data-rich, unique view of the sector or commodity, gain an edge through customised market insights and support the development of better risk management tools.


  • Consultants, academics, public sector

    Conduct macroeconomic analysis, research historical and current data, support and inform policy recommendations and analysis.