Argus AgriMarkets is an essential market intelligence and price assessment service covering global grains, oilseeds and vegetable oil markets. It provides producers, exporters, intermediaries, and end users with unique insights into the main market drivers while offering visibility on opaque cash markets in global competing origins and a library of downloadable fundamentals datasets.

Benefit from up-to-date insights and analysis on global wheat, corn, barley, rapeseed, soybeans, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil and grain freight rates.

Key features


Simple and clear daily PDF

Get daily news, key prices and analysis for wheat, barley, corn, soybeans.


Dedicated workspace

Bring together different information streams with your customisable real-time dashboard that combines market news, charts, assessments and prices.


Market movers

Review the leading news stories and most influential developments at a glance and skip to the story most relevant to your business.


Downloadable datasets

Download exclusive Argus Agriculture historical data for the grains, oilseeds and vegoils markets.


Weekly analysis

In addition to the daily insights, read the weekly vegoils markets analysis on Tuesdays, and the China corn analysis on Fridays.



Find charts, maps and visualisation on crop conditions, geopolitical news, harvesting progress and everything that shapes the global markets.

Customers that benefit

AgriMarkets is the single service point for all your grains, oilseeds and vegoils market intelligence needs. Navigate turbulent, opaque markets easily thanks to unbiased, reliable and trusted price assessments, news, and analysis.
  • Traders and analysts

    Access a full global view of competing origin pricing in the grains markets enabling you to price yourself competitively in tenders and private negotiations. 


  • Producers, cooperatives, agro-holdings

    Access reliable market intelligence, analysis and price discovery to help navigate volatility and uncertain market conditions, guide their forward selling, and ultimately manage risk. 


  • Millers and end users

    Gain a full global view of competing origin pricing for the grains markets, helping buyers to source products at the best price and ultimately protect margins and manage risk.
  • Shipping firms

    Access competing origin spot and forward pricing to aid better decision making on vessel positioning, along with tender information to forecast vessel demand. 


  • Fertilizer producers can

    Access global cash prices for grains and oilseeds markets to better understand farmers margins and ability to pay for fertiliser, gains insights into their decisions and acreage to become a robust, direct partner.