An essential weekly source of global insights to support your business in the Americas base oil market.

The Argus Americas Base Oils service provides weekly US base oil spot prices, North American producer-posted prices, market commentary, news and analysis for the North American and Latin American markets. The report is a regional chapter from the global Argus Base Oils service. 

Key features


North America spot prices

Examine key spot price assessments for paraffinic and naphthenic base oils: Groups I, II and III


Refinery posted prices

View posted prices for virgin and re-refined base oils: Groups I, II, II+ and III


Additional prices

Access related oil products prices: New York Harbor heating oil barge and US Gulf coast 10ppm diesel cargo, and feedstock premiums: US crude and VGO


Market-moving news

Read the latest market-moving news, commentary and analysis published by our expert team of on-the-ground market reporters


Historical data

Review historical data, back to 2010, for North America and South America base oil plant maintenance, and North America and South America capacity and expansion data


Shipping data

Get valuable insights into US Gulf coast shipping enquiries and freight rates, as well as spot arbitrage opportunities

Customers that benefit

  • Base oil producers have the choice of spot or posted prices to negotiate the most market-appropriate term contract or spot deal. Refiners can track base oil premiums to feedstock costs for refinery optimisation by monitoring. Producers can target most lucrative overseas markets by monitoring prices in export destinations, also covered in the report. 

  • Traders can gain a global overview and track spot price movements across different regions. Weekly updates on plant maintenance schedules enable traders to identify regional short or long positions. 

  • Lubricant blenders can access base oil spot prices by group, viscosity and region to negotiate the most appropriate term or spot contract price for procurement. The global overview enables blenders to optimise supply chains and blending operations to maintain or boost finished lubricant margins. Refinery maintenance and capacity data can be used to signal and prepare blenders for changes in local or global supply. Base oil pricing can also be used to negotiate contracts with lubricant retailers.
  • Additive companies can use global base oil spot prices to inform the cost of base oil feedstocks for additive production. Pricing, market commentary, news and analysis provide an overview of the base oil market necessary for engaging with clients, lubricant blenders purchasing additives for finished lubricant production. 

  • Lubricant retailers can use global base oil spot or posted prices to negotiate contracts for finished lubricants with lubricant blenders. 

Key price assessments

Argus prices are recognised by the market as trusted and reliable indicators of the real market value. Explore some of our most widely used and relevant price assessments.