The Argus Brazil Grains and Fertilizers report analyses business opportunities, crop prices in relation to key NPK mixes (exchange/barter rates), import trends, logistics, official data and statistics, as well as providing expert commentary on the latest market news.

This weekly publication includes 31 fertilizer road freight routes from the main port flows into the country and 12 grain road freight routes from Mato Grosso, Brazil’s largest agricultural producing state, to transshipment and export channels.

The Argus Brazil Grains and Fertilizers report delivers the main prices and news on Brazil's fertilizers, agriculture, and logistics markets.

The publication offers weekly coverage of over 60 prices, crop development tracking of key crops and fertilizer import trends.

In addition, the report gathers market comments and daily analyses, contemplating market fundamentals that translate daily movement, also applicable to freight and logistics cost factors.

Key features


Import prices

Essential for trading between global and Brazilian markets.


Domestic market prices

Tracking of main agricultural crops, bringing greater clarity to the distinct movements of specific regions of the local market.


South Cone prices

Publication of prices for nitrogenates, phosphates and potassium chloride in the Southern Cone, meeting the demand of South American market participants.


Pricing overview

Global and Brazilian outlook on major macronutrient price trends for 30–60 days.


Logistics scenario

Monitoring of logistics costs and surveying of the country’s most relevant grain and fertilizer road freight routes.


News and analyses

News and analyses contributing to reading the equation between feedstock availability and demand.


Report in Portuguese and English

Published in two languages, the report extends public access to its content.


Robust Methodology/IOSCO

Robust and transparent pricing methodology with IOSCO certification, reinforcing commitment to compliance rules.

Customers that benefit

  • International and local fertilizer producers

    Use Argus fertilizer quotes to process and procure feedstocks and blends.

  • Banks and trading companies

    Use Argus indicators and analytics to provide financial resources to companies and support the expansion of agrobusiness. Traders involved in buying and selling fertilizers also use the indicators to do business and close contracts.
  • Mixers, wholesalers, retailers and cooperatives

    Rely on Argus’ indicators and market data, including logistics costs, to trade large volumes of fertilizer to agricultural producers and retailers.

  • Grain exporters

    Use Argus’ freight indicators for major export and transshipment routes to calculate prices at destination and export parity values. PM to review existing or provide new description.

Key price assessments

Argus prices are recognised by the market as trusted and reliable indicators of the real market value. Explore some of our most widely used and relevant price assessments.