The Argus Chlor-Alkali and Derivatives service delivers a global view of the caustic soda industry, including regional pricing, market dynamics, trade flows and insights into related markets. 

We provide weekly price assessments for alkali and its derivatives, plus short-term fundamentals analysis including plant operating status, trade flows and demand drivers.   

 A PDF report is delivered to your inbox each week and you get 24/7 access to a powerful, customizable dashboard displaying prices alongside the latest market news, analysis and commentary. 

Key features


Global service

Global coverage, news and analysis in a single, concise and integrated service.


Regional prices

Price assessments for caustic soda and related products across Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and the Americas based on a clear and transparent methodology.


Fundamentals analysis

Insights into how plant operating rates, trade flows and demand drivers influence market behaviour and prices.


Dynamic dashboard

Powerful, real-time visualization tool designed to help you analyse your commodity market faster.


Access to specialists

Argus’ experienced and respected experts know your markets.

Customers that benefit

Argus Chlor-Alkali and Derivatives is essential for anyone exposed to the global chlor-alkali market, including caustic soda, chlorine and related products, seeking contract and spot prices, and/or analysis of market drivers. Below are examples of how some clients use this service.

Producers of caustic soda and chlorine 

Use our price assessments within supply contracts directly and to support contract negotiations. Use our data and market analysis for an independent view on supply, demand and market dynamics for negotiations, budget planning and weekly commercial management strategies. 

Traders and distributors 

Use our global price data, regional market analysis, and capacity lost analysis to review arbitrage and trade opportunities, and to support price negotiations. 



Banks and investors 

Use our price data to model listed companies producing, or with major spend on, chlor-alkali and derivatives. Use our global market analysis and news to keep abreast of the latest market dynamics.