The Argus Copper Outlook rounds out the Argus Metals portfolio by offering a 12-month forecast for various grades of scrap and finished copper with a focus on demand from the EV, renewables and other energy transition sectors.

Updated every month, this one-year forecast combines decades of historical scrap and finished copper prices with a robust methodology that considers supply/demand fundamentals, macro-economic, inflation and other economic and geopolitical factors.

The service supports the whole chain by informing the procurement, storage and sales strategy of mines, mills, manufacturers and scrappers. It is also a tool for traders who want to stay ahead of the 6-month forward price from the LME and hedge their position on copper premiums.

Subscribers receive in-depth monthly reports to understand fundamentals and the impact of market events to mitigate exposure to the forward price through data-driven contract renewals of refined copper products.

Key features


Data downloads

Access to extensive historical data that can be directly manipulated through Argus Direct for Spreadsheets.


Exchange price forecasts

Compare the official spot and settlement price forecasts for LME, COMEX and SHFE.


Deep analysis by grade and industry

Understand price movements across exchanges, premiums, scrap and concentrates with expert commentary on the impact of the automotive, EV and renewables industry.


Project Tracker

Inform your commercial strategy by tracking ongoing copper projects by company, country, mine, stage of development, reserves and capacity.


Mine-to-Mill coverage

Data and analysis on copper supply, trade and production to provide a transparent view of the whole supply chain.

Our people are recognised industry experts

Data alone — no matter how accurate — is not sufficient. Our strengths lie with our people — a team that combines extensive experience in strategic consulting with commodity market expertise.

Our people are experts, close to the market and working collaboratively with clients. Dedicated and committed to your needs, we pride ourselves on being accessible, responsive and connected to the markets.

Customers that benefit

This service is an essential tool for anyone who is exposed to the global copper market.
  • Strategy and supply chain leaders

    Learn the impact of market events on copper prices and improve analysis of supply, demand and cost structure with robust data. Have 1-on-1 conversations with the Argus consulting team to support your data-driven strategy.

  • Purchasing and procurement

    Understand market expectations with future price forecasts. Manage existing contracts for supply of refined copper from exchanges and hedge with confidence. Compare copper scrap and ore price to perform make-or-buy analysis.

  • Traders and risk managers

    Receive quarterly updates to stay ahead of the 6-month forward price from the LME. Re-negotiate clauses in contracts with a deeper appreciation of copper market fundamentals and their short-term impact to secure a competitive price. Traders can make quicker decisions by combining their subscription with the Argus Ferrous Markets or Argus Scrap Market services.

Key price assessments

Argus prices are recognised by the market as trusted and reliable indicators of the real market value. Explore some of our most widely used and relevant price assessments.