The Argus Fertilizer Africa service is your reliable and proven source of African fertilizer market intelligence, covering all major fertilizer commodities. The service provides independent, highly robust and relied upon reporting of prices, the latest deals, market-moving news, regulatory developments, valuable market commentary and actionable insight on opaque markets.

We empower market participants to make informed business decisions through:

  • Independent, highly robust and relied upon monthly price assessments
  • Up-to-date and timely reporting on trade, market developments and consequent price movements
  • Insightful and actionable commentary from our fertilizer market experts
  • Powerful online tools, dashboards and proprietary data

Key features


Key African monthly fertilizer price assessments

Industry-leading, independent and highly robust monthly fertilizer price assessments


Unrivalled methodology

Argus Fertilizer Africa is underpinned by the most robust, transparent and credible market-appropriate methodology, developed with the industry to ensure our price assessments are a true reflection of how the markets trade


Market-moving news and insightful commentary

Argus Fertilizer Africa provides regular news, commentary and analysis from our expert teams of editors and reporters


Coverage of all the key fertilizer commodities

Argus Fertilizer Africa includes coverage of all key fertilizer commodities across the entire African continent


Logistics insight

Argus Fertilizer Africa includes coverage of local logistics at ports and border crossings, plus key seaborne freight rates


Concise near-term outlook

Forward-looking analysis including a 30 to 60-day outlook, provided every month

Customers that benefit

The Argus Fertilizer Africa service’s subscribers include global fertilizer producers, traders, raw material producers, logistics companies, bulk blenders (vitally important in the African sector), wholesalers, retailers, co-operatives, financial institutions, global and regional NGOs, fertilizer associations (national, regional and international), inspection companies and freight brokers. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:
  • Producers and trading firms

    Uses Argus’ fertilizer pricing in the processing and procurement of raw materials and blending. Traders involved in the buying and selling of fertilizers use our price assessments when carrying out trades and contracts. Our price assessments provide domestic and international businesses with accurate, authoritative and methodologically tested certainty on which to base their decisions. They also provide subscribers with a reliable number for indexation in long-term contracts, as well as a tool for market analysis and benchmarking.

  • Financial institutions, NGOs and industry associations

    Use our service to shed light on an often ill-understood and opaque region, from the state of the fertilizer sector itself to how national governments run their fertilizer markets, the degree of private sector participation and how subsidy and regulatory authority is implemented.

  • Not-for-profit organisations

    Use our publication to gain a better understanding of how global fertilizer markets work, when is the best time to tender and whether the prices they receive in tenders are representative of market forces.