Key industry reference prices, unparalleled research, market insights, fundamentals, statistics and news unique to the line pipe industry are all accessible through the Argus Pipe Logix Line Pipe Service.

Argus compiles and analyzes important line pipe market data to assist you in understanding the intricate workings of the sector. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of current line pipe price, supply, and demand trends and be able to identify correlations and perform trend analysis critical to your business.

The Service includes the Line Pipe Price Guide, a monthly publication listing the 36 most popular imported and domestic line pipe items used in US gathering lines along with their current pricing trends. The Pipe Logix Line Pipe Index—our hallmark index that is utilised industry-wide—is featured in the Price Guide.

Also included is the Line Pipe Price Outlook, a quarterly analysis of the drivers and limiters shaping the outlook for line pipe demand, supply and pricing. You will be guided through charts, tables and discussion points to achieve a fuller understanding of the domestic and US import market, the outlook for line pipe construction activity and the key market factors affecting line pipe pricing, like manufacturing component costs and oil and gas market trends. To assist in anticipating price changes, the outlook provides an annual line pipe price forecast.

The Line Pipe Service also contains monthly manufacturing component prices, our industry sentiment index and the historical data set of line pipe pricing (some items with over 15 years of history).

Key features


Inform your strategy

Plan your next move with pricing forecasts, domestic and import supply analysis and demand.


Minimise your risk

Stay ahead of potential changes in the industry, impending regulations and supply chain challenges.


Data and downloads

Access and manipulate 15+ years of valuable line pipe pricing data with the Excel add-in


Adding context to data

Understand the drivers and limiters behind our pipe line outlooks with extensive market analysis and commentary.


Access to experts

Subscribers gain access to our consultants and subject matter experts in 28 offices across Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Americas.