Stay ahead of the curve with the Argus LPG Outlook - a comprehensive monthly service that forecasts key LPG prices up to two years into the future. 

Drawing on Argus’ established expertise as a leader in LPG price assessments and market reporting, it is your trusted source of independent, forward-looking market intelligence to aid planning and decision-making.  

It gives you a global and regional view on changes in market fundamentals and analysis of the impact on prices, with detailed insights into production and consumption, imports and exports.

Key features


Price forecasts

Get a view of where the market is moving with our two-year forecasts for all key LPG prices. Updated monthly, our independent forecasts help inform your internal planning


Insights and commentaries

Understand market developments and changes in the key variables around the world with our expert analytical commentaries


Global and regional insights

What’s driving prices in your region and what‘s going to change? Get a global and regional view with our explanation of changes in regional market fundamentals and the possible impact on prices


Historical prices

Gain valuable context into price movements with historical price data for LPG, crude oil and naphtha


Wider market influences

Understand the influence of global oil and freight market developments on the LPG markets


Extensive downloadable industry data

Download price forecasts and global and regional market fundamentals for your own analysis

Customers that benefit

The Argus LPG Outlook service gives a comprehensive, reliable source of information to help you make sound decisions about the future of your business. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:
  • LPG producers and distributors

    LPG producers and distributors use unbiased price information and analysis to inform their operating options and strategy.

  • LPG traders and brokers

    LPG traders and brokers get an independent view of future price direction to help develop effective trading strategies.     
  • Analysts and risk managers

    Analysts and risk managers use the price forecasts and analysis to inform their planning, budgeting and decision-making.