Argus LPG World ensures you stay informed. It delivers a valuable overview of key market developments, including in-depth analysis of industry and company developments, trading, inventory and price information, regulatory updates and exclusive interviews.  

An important part of Argus’s history, it was first published in September 1995 as a niche newsletter covering a small but growing market. Argus has been an integral part of the LPG industry as it has developed since, and this service is seen as invaluable by its users for keeping up to date with the latest and most important developments in their markets.  

And now, as the market takes steps towards sustainability, Argus LPG World also provides key updates on the development of bioLPG, renewable LPG, DME and renewable DME.  

Key features


Insightful editorial and interviews

Extensive coverage of the latest developments and implications for the LPG industry, curated by market experts, alongside exclusive Q&As with top industry names


Market analysis

In-depth regional analysis of trade flows, market and industry trends, and company updates


Monthly prices

Monthly propane, butane, ethane and naphtha prices are included, as well as historical price tables, domestic Chinese prices and freight rates


LPG global storage data

The only global view of storage capacity around the world, this service includes downloadable data and a full biennial LPG storage survey with analysis of changes


Extensive industry data

Regional import, export, supply and demand data is showcased, along with NGL cracking economics and shipping rates


Environmental regulations

Updates on climate policy and the energy transition with valuable, leading insights into how alternative LPG solutions are developing

Customers that benefit

The Argus LPG World service is a trusted source to provide a deeper understanding of the forces shaping the LPG market. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:
  • National, independent and major oil and LPG companies use our expert market analysis and downloadable fundamentals data to guide strategies. 

  • Governments and regulators needing to stay on top of key energy developments in the markets find our service invaluable when looking for a global perspective. 
  • Financial institutions use our intelligence to inform their business and investment decisions. 


Key price assessments

Argus prices are recognised by the market as trusted and reliable indicators of the real market value. Explore some of our most widely used and relevant price assessments.