Every year, Germany consumes over 13mn t of heating oil. Anticipating heating oil demand is notoriously difficult and at times seemingly impossible. The disruptive effects of over 1.2mn private households and their buying decisions are felt by refiners, traders and inland suppliers every year.

Argus MDX Monitor combines FCA truck spot-trading data from the most relevant storage facilities in Germany with tank level data from over 4,500 households. It is the only source of data available for estimating German heating oil demand.

Tank level data is collected from 4,500 permanent digital level metering units installed in households across Germany. We take a statistically relevant portion of the total available units within the country to ensure a representative regional spread. By using this metering technology, we're able to consistently provide you with the most reliable and current tank level data.

Key features


Extensive data

Unique tank sensor data from more than 4,500 households ensures an up to date, representative view


Transaction volumes

Comprehensive view of transaction volumes collected in the FCA truck market


Full regional coverage

Coverage is provided across Germany’s 10 postal regions


Regular updates

Stay up to date with weekly and monthly data updates


FTP data

Access the data quickly and easily with our FTP data feed

Customers that benefit

If you’re involved in buying, selling or trading heating oil in Germany, this data service will help you to make better informed decisions.

By better understanding demand, you’re able to estimate the potential for selling heating oil in each region of Germany. This unique insight will help you to maximise your bottom line by:
  • Adjusting trading positions – increase or reduce the volumes of middle distillates you are buying or selling based on actual data.
  • Optimising production runs – get the right balance between diesel and heating oil to ensure you are producing what your customers actually want.
  • Modifying transport and storage logistics – know when tanks are full so you can ensure you have heating oil in the right locations to best serve your customers.
  • Argus MDX Monitor is the only tool in the market to provide this level of insight. 

Key price assessments

Argus prices are recognised by the market as trusted and reliable indicators of the real market value. Explore some of our most widely used and relevant price assessments.