Argus Methanol Analytics is a data-driven evaluation of supply-demand fundamentals forecasts for methanol markets, published twice a year. 

The service includes a 10-year forecast and five-year history covering balances and capacities, organized by country and region.  

You will receive a PowerPoint PDF written by our experts plus accompanying Excel data files.   

Key features


10-year forecast and a five-year history

Covering capacities, supply and demand, trade, and feedstock forecasts for leading derivatives, by country and region, published twice a year.


Detailed report

In an easy-to-read PowerPoint format focusing on both supply and demand growth, derivative growth rates in relevant markets, and regulatory concerns.


Regional insight

Covering trade, production capacities and operating rates based on global economics.


Downloadable datasets

With data on supply, demand, capacities, operating rates and trade balances, by country and region.


Access to specialists

Speak to the experts behind Argus’ long-term analytics forecast services.

Customers that benefit

The Argus Methanol Analytics service is for anyone engaged in the methanol market and seeking insight into the fundamentals driving key trends, including global supply, demand growth, trade, operating rates, etc. Below are examples of how some clients use this service.
  • Producers and consumers of methanol 

    Rely on our independent analysis and data to help with strategic investments, long-term budget planning and commercial management strategies. 


  • Distributors and traders 

    Use our regional market and capacity analysis to review trade opportunities and diversify their options. 
  • Banks and investors

    Rely on our insight to monitor investments, projects, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, shutdowns, idled plants, and more.