The Argus Mexico Fuel Markets service provides subscribers with a unique look into Mexico’s fast-changing refined products market.

Our report offers the latest updates on gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, LPG shipments from the US Gulf to major Mexican ports, along with the most relevant news and comprehensive analysis of Mexico's and the world's energy markets.

Published daily, this service is a valuable reference point for global energy companies seeking to understand how Mexico’s fuel markets are changing and what this means for investment opportunities.

Key features


Transport and deliveries

Prices for gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, MTBE, and LPG delivered via maritime and rail.


Port price comparison

Comparison of gasoline and diesel prices between the US Gulf ports and Mexican ports such as Tuxpan, Pajaritos, Rosarito, among others.


Logistics and retail

Logistics costs and retail prices.


Maritime freight updates

Weekly report on maritime freight between the US and Mexico.


Pemex refining data

Monthly statistics on Pemex's refining system.


Expert news

News and analysis produced by Argus' international team of experts


Analyzed regulations

Analysis of regulatory changes.

Customers that benefit

Anyone with exposure to Mexico’s refined products markets (gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and LPG) will find the Argus Mexico Fuel Markets service essential. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:
  • Participants in Mexico's fuel market

  • US and Canadian companies

    Interested in Mexican retail and wholesale prices of refined products, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and LPG.
  • US refiners

    Responsible for logistics of shipments to Mexico.
  • Mexican retailers

    Interested in understanding the impact of international prices on the domestic fuel market.

  • Mexican government entities

    Monitoring the supply of refined products in international markets and its impact on the Mexican market.