The Argus Non-Ferrous Markets service is your trusted source for comprehensive daily non-ferrous market intelligence with over 800 price assessments supported by market commentary, analysis and news.

The service includes access to Argus Metals and a daily report that covers opaque and emerging markets, ranging from technology and minor metals to rare earths, ferro-alloys, base metals and non-ferrous scrap.

Traders and industrial manufacturers around the world use our indexation-standard assessments to manage price risk and supply chain sustainability.

Key features



Over 800 non-ferrous price assessments spanning technology metals, rare earths and scrap.


Global service

24/7 support with 28 offices across Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Americas.


Exchange data

Delayed and real-time exchange data available from the LME, CME Group’s Comex and Nymex, and SHFE.



Receive email and app alerts on breaking non-ferrous news, wherever you are.


Key developments

In-depth analysis of key developments that help you understand the impact on your business.



Independent, transparent and trusted methodology.

Customers that benefit

The Argus Non-Ferrous Markets service provides daily price assessments, as well as incisive news and analysis from our team of market experts. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:
  • Traders

    Traders that buy and sell non-ferrous metals use Argus Non-Ferrous Markets to validate price points and reference impartial data when negotiating trades and contracts.

  • Battery manufacturers

    Battery manufacturers for the fast-growing LFP and NMC electric vehicle market use Argus Non-Ferrous Markets and Argus Battery Materials as a reliable reference when sourcing key materials, such as lithium, cobalt, graphite and nickel products.

  • Magnet manufacturers

    Magnet manufacturers in North America index to the Argus Non-Ferrous Markets service's assessment to ensure a reliable supply of rare earth metals from overseas.




  • Mining companies

    Mining companies use Argus market data and prices to plan finance and inform the next stage of their business strategy, knowing that ore prices are dependent on concentrate and finished metals.

  • Recyclers

    Recyclers of aluminium, copper, nickel, brass, lead and other non-ferrous metals use Argus Non-Ferrous Markets price data when purchasing scrap and indexing sales activity. Our live and delayed exchange data feeds provide businesses with supply certainty, at sustainable prices.



Key price assessments

Argus offers a range of global cobalt price assessments, most of which are published twice weekly to adequately reflect price changes and liquidity.