The Argus OCTG Service provides access to key industry reference prices, best-in-class reports, market insights, fundamentals, data and news specific to the OCTG market.

Access our library of reports to acquire a thorough and up-to-date understanding of OCTG pricing, supply and demand. This includes the OCTG Price Guide, our monthly publication that details current pricing trends for 33 of the most used casing and tubing items used in the U.S.

The Price Guide features our flagship indexes – The Pipe Logix All Items Index, The Pipe Logix ERW Index, and The Pipe Logix Seamless Index, used to settle sales contracts by the largest participants in the oilfield tubular market.

Our comprehensive OCTG Outlook Report documents and analyzes key market metrics to help you navigate the complex fundamentals of the industry. This includes domestic and import supply review, analysis of manufacturing component price movement and oil and gas market trends. The Outlook offers an OCTG price forecast to help anticipate price fluctuations.

In addition, the OCTG Service includes the historical data set of OCTG pricing (some items with 15+ years of history), monthly manufacturing component prices, our industry sentiment index and regional basin indices for the Permian, Eagle Ford and Bakken basins.

Key features


Inform your strategy

Plan your next move with pricing forecasts, domestic and import supply analysis and demand.


Minimise your risk

Stay ahead of potential changes in the industry, impending regulations and supply chain challenges.


Data and downloads

Access and manipulate 20+ years of valuable OCTG pricing data with the Excel add-in.


Adding context to data

Understand the drivers and limiters behind our OCTG outlooks with extensive market analysis and commentary.


Access to experts

Subscribers gain access to our consultants and subject matter experts in 28 offices across Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Customers that benefit

The Argus Pipe Logix OCTG Service is essential for all participants involved in the OCTG supply and demand chain. Below are some examples of how clients use this service:
  • OCTG and steel mills

    Use our assessments in contracts as well as for calculations and adjustment factors for official selling prices.

  • Pipe distributors

    Identify opportunities for better margins. The accuracy and transparency of our indexes constitutes a decisive resource to help determine at what price they should buy from suppliers and sell to end users.
  • Oil and gas companies

    Utilise our price data in the procurement of tubulars to guide strategy. Supply chain and category managers use our price assessments when negotiating contracts for program purchases and our historical data to identify beneficial pricing trends.

  • Financial institutions and analysts

    Rely on our OCTG market analysis to aid in your coverage and investment decisions in publicly traded mills. Be assured that our assessments are impartial and reliable indicators of the OCTG industry.