The Argus Rail Business service is your single, reliable source of weekly US and Canadian rail industry business intelligence. It combines high-value data and analytics, intelligent market analysis and key freight data on industry performance and price benchmarking.

This comprehensive service delivers in-depth policy and regulatory news, business-critical freight rate data for commodity shippers and performance benchmarking for every Class 1 railroad, providing insight on the seven largest railroads in North America.

Key features


Freight prices

Key freight rates and pricing data for relevant commodities.


News and analysis

Track rail industry trends, policy and regulation, to keep up to date on the latest market developments.


Quarterly statistics

Data and analysis for key commodities, to keep you abreast of rate and volume trends.


Railroad metrics

Get the latest service metrics, including train speeds, dwell times and loaded car volumes



Waybill analysis of specific moves by commodity.


Industry insights

Unique insights on the North American rail markets from respected thought leaders in the industry.

Customers that benefit

Anyone with exposure to US railroad performance, freight rates and regulation will find our intelligence essential. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:
  • Railroads

    Railroads gain insight into commodity-specific products across the industry and know how their rates compare with their competitors.

  • Commodity shippers

    Commodity shippers see how others are faring and benchmark their rates and volume trends against other commodities and other shippers moving the same product.


  • Transportation companies

    Transportation companies track what is happening across the fence in other modes and at other companies to benchmark their own performance.

  • Logistics managers 

    Logistics managers keep up with the latest developments in operations, regulation and technology to better position their companies for success with the railroads and their regulators.