Argus Rare Earths Analytics brings you detailed market analysis and 10-year forecasts for supply, demand, prices and projects across key rare earth elements (REE).

The service supports you with strategic analysis, benchmarking exercises and the assessment of individual assets, producers and opportunities out to 2033.

Subscribers receive monthly updates with expert analysis of the latest market developments and one-year price forecasts. 10-year forecasts are updated every 6 months to provide you with an in-depth longer-term view of REE markets.

Key features


Inform your strategy

Plan your next move with one-year and ten-year forecasts across supply, demand, prices and projects updated every six months.


Minimise your risk

Stay ahead of impending regulations, policy changes and supply chain challenges.


Data and downloads

Access and manipulate valuable data with the Excel add-in, including project trackers, import/export numbers, EV sales and forecasts, demand projections for renewables and magnets.


Adding context to data

Understand the drivers and limiters behind our rare earth outlooks with extensive market analysis and commentary.


Access to experts

Subscribers gain access to our rare earths consultants and subject matter experts in 28 offices across Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Americas.