Never miss a market move with the Argus Spot Ticker, the Most Accurate Intraday Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Pricing Tool.

If you are buying or selling gasoline or diesel fuel, you know how volatile U.S. prices can be. In a matter of minutes, markets can shift drastically. Without timely and accurate intraday fuel pricing to help you make the right buy / sell decisions, you are at the mercy of the market - and potentially behind competitors.

The Argus Spot Ticker keeps you on top of every market move with real-time intraday pricing for gasoline, diesel, ethanol, and RINs. Our reporters stay close to the market throughout the day, giving you a live view of where the seven key spot hubs are trading.

Key features


Key prices

Up-to-the-minute gasoline and diesel fuel prices for all U.S. spot markets with clear indications of market direction, and intraday visibility into Ethanol and RINS.



Customize the view that's right for you, see the markets and products that matter to your business.


Industry-leading news

A constantly updating road fuels newsfeed that sits alongside prices, so you can quickly see what news is driving the market up, or down.


Refinery watch lists

Get updates on refinery maintenance as it occurs.


Built-in flexibility

Four intraday snapshots that tell you the market price at set times throughout the day. These snapshots let you leave your desk without losing sight of where the markets have been.


Key end-of-day assessments are available separately in the Argus US Products service

Home to the NYH barge and colonial pipeline indexes, Argus US Products is the must-have source of prices, news, and analysis for all key petroleum products.

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Customers that benefit

Anyone with exposure to U.S. wholesale petroleum products prices will find the Argus Spot Ticker service essential. Below are examples of how some customers use the service:
  • Jobber/Distributor or Rack Pricer

    Know when to optimize fuel volumes to sell by watching how prices develop over the course of the day in real time. The 1:30 pm CST Argus market price, aligned with the close of the NYMEX, is a critical pricing indicator.

  • Supply and Trading

    Get confidence in understanding your customers behaviour through real time price moves, which can help better predict rateability. Also provides unbiased price discovery to mediate competing interests inside your workplace.