Published annually on behalf of the World Liquid Gas Assocation, Argus presents the Statistical Review of Global LPG. 
The current report provides historical data for supply and demand from 2012 to 2022. For 2022, the report offers further detail including supply by source, demand by sector, imports and exports. 
There is extensive commentary covering global supply and demand dynamics, pricing and shipping. The report serves as the key reference point for the current state of the global LPG market.

Key features


Supply data

Get a detailed view on LPG supply from refining and gas processing


Demand data

Demand data by sector including residential, petrochemical, and industrial


By-country insight

Annual supply, demand and trade data for each country for the period 2012-2022


Price analysis

Analysis of how global LPG prices have developed and key trends


Autogas markets

Details on key autogas markets including vehicle fleets and retail sites


Sector updates

Updates on the petrochemical, LPG shipping and renewable LPG sectors

Customers that benefit

  • Upstream customers, including refiners, gas processors, crude producers 


  • Midstream, including LPG storage operators and terminal owners 

  • Downstream, including distributors, petrochemical plant operators, and others 


  • Government entities and regulators