Argus Tungsten Analytics delivers forecasts, price assessments and news on tungsten globally to help you manage price risk, anticipate supply constraints and negotiate from a position of strength.

Support your business with strategic analysis, benchmarking exercises and the assessment of individual assets, producers and opportunities out to 2032. 

Clients receive monthly updates with expert analysis of the latest market developments and one-year price forecasts, and the 10-year forecasts are updated every six months to provide you with an in-depth longer-term view.

Key features


Price forecasts

One-year price forecasts for tungsten updated every month.



Analysis of latest market developments and key drivers each month.


10-year forecasts

10-year forecasts for supply, demand, prices and projects updated every six months.


Data and downloads

Access and manipulate valuable data with the Excel add-in, including project trackers, import/export numbers, demand projections for automotives, mining, industrial manufacturing, energy and aerospace.


Access to experts

Subscribers gain access to our tungsten consultants and subject matter experts in 28 offices across Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Customers that benefit

  • Automotive manufacturers

    The automotive industry is the biggest consumer of tungsten (mainly tungsten carbide) and represents 25pc-30pc of global demand. Argus Tungsten Analytics allows carmakers and their supplier to reduce price risk exposure, manage inventory, and optimize supply chain operations by performing more accurate make-or-buy analysis.


  • Mining companies

    Producers use Argus market data and prices to plan finance and inform the next stage of their business strategy, knowing that ore prices are dependent on concentrate and finished metals. The tungsten project tracker and supply/demand outlooks in the service inform viability studies and help anticipate future supply of various tungsten grades.


  • Financial institutions 

    Tungsten is crucial to several industrial manufacturing supply chains, allowing investors to use Argus’ tungsten production cost curves to inform their investments, manage risk and identify opportunities ahead of the competition.


Financial institutions: 
  • Traders

    Traders that buy and sell tungsten and tungsten-heavy alloys, use Argus Tungsten Analytics to validate price points and reference impartial data when negotiating trades and contracts.


  • Mining companies

    Recyclers of tungsten and tungsten carbide use the analytics service to price data when purchasing scrap and indexing sales activity. Our robust data helps scrap stakeholders to balance sustainable supply with price point.


Financial institutions: 

Key price assessments

Argus prices are recognised by the market as trusted and reliable indicators of the real market value. Explore some of our most widely used and relevant price assessments.