The Argus US Electricity service covers the price of physical electricity markets at more than 20 North American trading hubs. Included are assessments for the price of electricity to be delivered during peak or off-peak hours on business days. It is important to note peak hours vary by market and all business day hours not defined as peak are off-peak.

Our methodology has been approved by the US Federal Energy Regulatory Committee (FERC), an independent agency that regulates the interstate transmission of electricity, natural gas and oil. We are dedicated to providing our clients with trustworthy information by following federal guidelines for price reporting and use a rigorous procedure to handle confidential data.

Key features



Day-ahead assessments for peak and off-peak hours.



Western markets (volume-weighted averages).



Non-western markets.

Customers that benefit

The Argus US Electricity service's daily prices’ forward curves are essential for anyone with exposure to North American power markets. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:
  • Risk managers 

    Use our electricity data for unbiased, third-party curve validation against counterparties and internal valuations.

  • Power traders 

    Rely on our extensive historical analysis to determine locational and temporal spread relationships and use prior-day curves on a daily basis as a reference when entering the market the following morning.
  • Independent system and regional transmission operators 

    Use our data to plan and value current and future electricity operational requirements.

  • Large industrial companies and power generators 

    Use our data as they need fixed prices for fuel inputs to be able to secure customers or clear the market. The reliability and rapid delivery of Argus’ indexes allows them to know where their process engineering and supply chain stand compared to the power market as a whole.