The Petroleum Argus service is a key part of Argus’ history, with its origins in the first Europ-Oil Prices weekly newsletter that began in 1970.

It is now our flagship business intelligence service with an international reputation for providing thought-provoking and independent analysis of the global oil and gas markets.

The Petroleum Argus service's in-depth coverage ranges from corporate strategy and finance to geopolitical issues, investment, mergers and acquisitions, industry developments and Opec news. Decision makers across a broad range of companies and state organisations worldwide consider it an essential read.

Key features


Insightful editorials

Exclusive interviews with top industry names, including oil ministers and respected industry participants.


Timely insights

Timely, informative reports following Opec meetings and other key events on the global energy calendar.


Market trends

Analysis of global oil and gas sector investments, geopolitical issues and corporate strategy developments.


Key data

Downloadable market data on both Opec and non-Opec wellhead production, as well as key oil prices.

Customers that benefit

The Petroleum Argus service is a trusted source for senior decision makers to cultivate a deeper understanding of the forces shaping global oil and gas markets. Below are examples of how some clients use this service:
  • National, independent and major oil and gas companies

    Use our downloadable market data on both Opec and non-Opec wellhead production to guide strategies.

  • Governments and regulators

    Needing to stay on top of key energy developments in the markets find our report invaluable for considering a global perspective.
  • Financial institutions

    Turn to our intelligence to inform business and investment decisions.