19 abril - 22 abril 2021
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Argus Global Festival of Biomass

Join biomass leaders for 4 days of in-depth debate and networking

Argus Global Festival of Biomass is a free-to-attend collection of webinars and roundtables for the global biomass industry. Interactive webinars and roundtables will explore topics of critical market importance and provide an opportunity to address a highly focused and specialised topic with influential decision makers. 
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Expert speakers include:

Dr Nigel Davies
Director of Technical and Sustainability, Muntons plc
Thomas Brewer
Global Brewing and Energy Technology Specialist, AB-Inbev
Hiroaki Goto
General Manager, erex co., Ltd
Alf van Weereld
Head of Biomass Sourcing & Trading, Uniper
Rick Taylor
Head of Fuels, Drax Power
Søren Alsing
Head of Fuel, Bioenergy and Thermal Power, Ørsted
Seung-Kon Lee
Renewable Energy Specialist, GS Global Corp
April Poore
Editor, Argus Biomass Markets, Argus
Andrew Jones
Editor, Solid Fuels, Asia-Pacific, Argus
Sam Hong
Senior Reporter, Argus

Topics on the agenda will include:

  • The role of ports and logistics

    The role of ports and logistics companies in supporting the trade and use of biomass.
  • Technological developments

    The latest technological developments in the production, transportation, storage and use of biomass.
  • Support from pellet producers

    How pellet producers are supporting their customers and expanding their end-use markets.
  • Supply centres

    Spotlighting emerging supply centres.
  • Utilities fuel portfolio

    How utilities are incorporating, managing and expanding the use of biomass within their fuel portfolios.
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