May 2021
Virtual event

Argus Bitumen & Asphalt Live - Virtual Conference

SAST agenda

A video recording of all conference sessions will be available on demand so you can watch what you have missed at a convenient time.

Asia transitioning to a new normal - the refining picture

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  • 03:00 SAST
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  • 03:40 SAST
  • Shifting tactics: How India is gearing up to produce more bitumen A S Prabhakar - Deputy General Manager – Bitumen, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
  • Assessing the rise in road construction activities and current domestic demand
  • How is India looking to fill the supply gap?
  • New investments and refinery redesigns to increase bitumen production
  • How have sanctions impacted bitumen imports?
  • 03:50 SAST
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  • 04:50 SAST
  • Keynote panel: Exploring the changing bitumen supply landscape across Asia

Hear industry executives tackle the most pressing issues regarding bitumen shortage, and the impact of bitumen supply on running low-sulphur crudes

  • Where have we seen refinery shutdowns and reduced capacity across the continent?
  • What is the outlook for refinery output in Singapore and China?
  • How will South Korea reposition itself in a changing landscape?
  • How has the changing crude slate and running low-sulphur crudes impacted output?
  • 05:10 SAST
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  • 06.10 SAST
  • Regional spotlight panel: Australasia’s rising imports and its position on a global stage - Z Energy Limited, Fulton Hogan
  • Where have we seen reductions in refining capacity?
  • How will refineries adapt to allow for a consistent supply of bitumen to meet demand?
  • Where will New Zealand and Australia look to source new bitumen?
  • What grades of bitumen are required for New Zealand’s road industry?


Paul Prendergast, NZ Bitumen Manager, Z Energy Limited

Bill Caradus, General Manager Pacific and Bitumen, Fulton Hogan

  • 07:00 SAST
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  • 07.40 SAST
  • Recent bitumen prices, overcoming volatility and a refiner’s view of the economics Mahua Chakravarty - Editor, Asia Bitumen, Argus
  • What have been the key price drivers across the continent in the past year?
  • How have high fuel oil values impacted bitumen pricing in South Korea?
  • What effect have changing trade flows had on prices?
  • How do growing bitumen costs drive production of higher-quality products?

Trading opportunities with Asia

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  • 09:30 SAST
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  • 10:30 SAST
  • Panel discussion: New trading and arbitrage opportunities between Asia, Europe and the Middle East - Sunshine Oil

Explore new supply trends and arbitrage opportunities across the 3 continents. Understand where new exports of bitumen may increase from the Middle East including, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq and Saudi Arabia

  • Where are we seeing new arbitrage opportunities?
  • How can the industry benefit from changing export prices?
  • Asia, Europe and the Middle East: What prices are we seeing and at what tonnage?
  • Will new arbitrage opportunities open up across the Atlantic?


Zhai Ning, Director, Sunshine Oil

The global refining picture

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  • 11:30 SAST
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  • 12:30 SAST
  • Global stakeholder panel: Exploring the global refining landscape – how has reduced capacity impacted the global bitumen market? - Argus, Total

A full view of the global refining landscape and insight into current market conditions. Take a global view on refining closures, the impact of restricted supply on the bitumen landscape and how refineries are shifting their operations

  • How can security of supply be maintained in a volatile marketplace?
  • How much supply can we expect in the market in the next five years?
  • At what level are refineries operating and how is this impacting bitumen supply?
  • How are companies becoming more flexible to produce more products and grades?
  • Is quality being jeopardised by changes in the refining system?
  • Which refineries are re-designing operations and moving towards ‘greener’ products?


Jonathan Weston, Editor, Speciality Products, Argus


Sebastien Le Corre, Bitumen International Supply Manager, Total

New export / import opportunities and emerging trade flows

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  • 11:50 SAST
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  • 12:50 SAST
  • Regional spotlight panel: What is the potential for South Africa to become a significant importer of bitumen over the next 2-5 years? - Argus, Engen

Due to refinery changes in South Africa, the bitumen landscape is shifting, and supply chains will evolve quite substantially. Attend this session to understand to what extent South Africa will become a major importer of bitumen, in the near future, to meet its domestic demand

  • To what extent will South Africa evolve as an importer of bitumen?
  • How is South Africa’s role evolving in the bitumen market considering refinery changes?
  • Where will we see potential sources of supply in the future, including the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Singapore?
  • What infrastructure will be needed to aid the growth in imports?


Keyvan Hedvat, Editor, Europe/Africa Bitumen, Argus


Ronnie Muthusamy, Commercial Manager, Engen

  • 15:30 SAST
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  • 16:10 SAST
  • Spotlight on Russia: What role will the Russian market play in bitumen supply? Yury Burenko - Trader, DYM Resource
  • Russia as a major supplier of bitumen — grades and cost benefits
  • Understanding current trade flows and new opportunities for sourcing
  • Where is the infrastructure for Russia to support the road construction market?
  • 16:00 SAST
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  • 17:00 SAST
  • How will the Mediterranean’s role as an exporter to global markets evolve in the coming years? - Argus, Eni S.p.A., Alma Petroli
  • To what extent will the Mediterranean have the capacity to meet global bitumen demand?
  • Will bitumen be transported from the Mediterranean to longer haul destinations?
  • How much bitumen is heading to north and west Africa?
  • How are changes in the supply market impacting global trade flows?
  • Will the trend continue and intensify to new markets including Asia Pacific, US and the Gulf – is there more scope for more supply?

Moderator: Sam Balf, Reporter, Argus


Valerio Fortino, Responsabile Programmazione Raffinerie Italia (PRO), Eni S.p.A

Sergio Bovo, Chief Executive Officer, Alma Petroli

The Americas refining landscape, crude slates and asphalt production

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  • 18:40 SAST
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  • 19:40 SAST
  • Keynote stakeholder panel: Examining the North American refining landscape - Hunt Refining, PAR Pacific

Hear leading executives across North America explore the bitumen supply outlook

  • Where have we seen shutdowns and reduced capacity across Canada and the US?
  • Where have we seen gaps in asphalt supply on the east Coast?
  • With residue becoming tight, what does this mean for the asphalt market?
  • The movement to cleaner transportation fuels and demand – how far will it go?


Tom Schmitt, Retired President, Hunt Refining

Terrill Pitkin, Vice President of Planning & Optimization, PAR Pacific
  • 21:00 SAST
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  • 21:30 SAST
  • Open discussion: How is Brazil opening up as a new business centre for bitumen? Claudio Mastella - Executive Manager for Sales, Petrobras
  • Snapshot of the changing refining scene
  • What future strategies do we see for supplying the Brazilian market?
  • How will companies be positioned, and what new trade flows will emerge?

Examining changes in the African bitumen market

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  • 10:30 SAST
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  • 11:00 SAST
  • An overview of the sub-Saharan African bitumen market Keyvan Hedvat - Editor, Europe/Africa Bitumen, Argus

Construction spotlight: Identifying demand drivers and new projects across Africa and Europe

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  • 10:30 SAST
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  • 11:30 SAST
  • European and African road authority panel: Road building, rehabilitation and maintenance projects – progress and implementation over the next 2-5 years - Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration), Federal Office of Roads, Switzerland
  • Assessing government strategies for the road construction industry
  • Where do we see upcoming road projects in the future and those for tender?
  • What are the priorities for road authorities in creating longer-lasting roads?
  • How will governments introduce sustainable goals and a framework for a circular economy?
  • Changes in specifications and investment in additives and polymer-modified bitumen


Jan-Erik Lundmark, Senior Advisor at Department for Maintenance of Paved Roads, Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration)

Guido Biaggio, Vice Director and Head of the Infrastructure Division East, Federal Office of Roads, Switzerland

  • 12:50 SAST
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  • 13:50 SAST
  • Construction panel: Diversifying sources and adapting buying behaviour to meet demand - Argus, Masiza Construction Group
  • What emerging drivers are forcing companies to switch sourcing strategies?
  • How has the road construction industry tackled low supply?
  • What parameters are you looking for when sourcing new supply?
  • How will you tackle logistics — what considerations are important regarding shipping?


Keyvan Hedvat, Editor, Europe/Africa Bitumen, Argus


Itumeleng Motlhasedi, Director, Masiza Construction Group

Financing road projects

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  • 14:10 SAST
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  • 15:00 SAST
  • Financing panel: Reducing financial risk and identifying available financing options for road projects across Africa - Argus, African Infrastructure Investment Managers, Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission
  • How has the economic situation impacted government and private funding?
  • Obstacles to financing road infrastructure in the time of Covid-19
  • What funding is available across the continent to create economic prosperity?
  • How are funds put together and what opportunities are there with public-private partnerships?
  • What does the Chinese framework for funding look like and what are the developments?


Sam Balf, Reporter, Argus


Chanine Williams, Investment Principal, African Infrastructure Investment Managers

Micheal J. Ohiani, Director PPP Resource Department, Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission

Pricing in Africa and Europe

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  • 16:00 SAST
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  • 17:00 SAST
  • Pricing mechanisms and the relationship between and bitumen and HSFO Jonathan Weston - Editor, Speciality Products, Argus
  • Assessing bitumen prices in Africa and Europe and drivers for different fundamentals
  • How have pricing assessments linked to high-sulphur fuel oil (HSFO) played out in Europe?
  • Where do we see the market going now – will it shift back to HSFO?
  • Will IMO be delayed and will HSFO remain the marker for bitumen pricing?
  • A closer look at Baltic fob and Mediterranean pricing

Interactive roundtables

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  • 17:00 SAST
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  • 18:00 SAST
  • Interactive roundtables - BASF

Interactive roundtables: Join a dedicated group of 12-14 executives and navigate your way around your number-one challenge with like-minded peers. We encourage you to keep cameras on for maximum interaction!

Roundtable 1: Developments in additives to improve road performance

Roundtable 2: US focus: Working with varying bitumen quality and specifications


Global shipping trends

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  • 18:30 SAST
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  • 19:30 SAST
  • Global shipping panel: Navigating the new shipping landscape and freight rates
  • How is shipping changing as the market becomes more global?
  • How is shipping adapting to a shifting supply chain?
  • How are freight rates changing in response to new trade flows and economics?
  • Shipping’s weight in the overall cost structure and set against refining economics
  • What new import and export opportunities are there with the North American market?

Construction developments and funding in the US

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  • 19:50 SAST
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  • 20:50 SAST
  • Financing panel: Long-term funding – how much room will there be for road development in the next five years in federal and state funds? - NAPA
  • How will road programmes be funded in 2021-25?
  • What changes to state funding do we see in 2021-25?
  • What are the main budget challenges, including government tax hikes?
  • How are state road authorities allocating funds and which projects will be commissioned?
  • Where will the money go — bridges, highways and maintenance projects?

Jay Hansen, Executive Vice President, NAPA

  • 21:20 SAST
  • -
  • 22:20 SAST
  • Construction end-user panel: Innovations and upcoming projects for new and improved roads
  • Awarding funding for a major road development
  • What specifications are we working to, and how are we meeting new requirements?
  • Exploring innovations and technical advances in testing and inspection

Creating infrastructure for the movement of bitumen

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  • 03:00 SAST
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  • 04:00 SAST
  • Shipping and logistics panel: Creating bitumen hubs across Asia to serve a more integrated market - Pertamina
  • Exploring current storage and infrastructure
  • How is the need for larger cargo sizes impacting the supply chain and logistics?
  • How much more storage is required?
  • Where do we see storage being built across Asia, including Indonesia?

Putri Purnamasari, Bitumen Trader,

Putri Purnamasari, Bitumen Trader, Pertamina

Funding across Asia and construction projects on the horizon

Start End
  • 04:20 SAST
  • -
  • 05:20 SAST
  • Road construction panel: A roadmap of new networks and maintenance projects

Join leaders from China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand as they explore new projects on the horizon and how to overcome new sourcing and technical challenges.

  • What sourcing challenges are you seeing and how are you adapting your supply chains?
  • New road networks and maintenance projects
  • What are the potential future obstacles to demand?
  • How are you working with governments to secure contracts and funding?

Sustainable construction and carbon neutral targets

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  • 08:00 SAST
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  • 08:40 SAST
  • Presentation: How to enhance the quality and performance of asphalt with a green agenda Mario Šandor - Head of Business Management Asphalt Performance, BASF
  • The global trend towards reuse of RAP to meet sustainability targets
  • Sustainable solutions: Meeting new demands for lower emissions and reducing temperature
  • Asphalt performance enhancers that create durable roads and reduce the environmental impact
  • 10:30 SAST
  • -
  • 11:10 SAST
  • Case study: Reduce, recycle and reuse – Building a sustainable strategy from bitumen supplier to end-user Erik Denneman - Global Technical Manager, Puma Energy
  • Creating 100pc recyclable asphalt to help meet carbon targets
  • Evaluating life-cycle inventory ratings — how does it work and what is measured?
  • Working with suppliers using bioproducts across their life-cycle to reduce emissions
  • 12:00 SAST
  • -
  • 13:00 SAST
  • 360° sustainability panel: Meeting carbon neutral targets by reducing CO2 and using sustainable bio-based solutions - Sasol, Veidekke, DITECPESA S.A., Ferrovial

This panel will welcome experts across the entire value chain from Europe, North America and Africa. Explore key strategies on how to create an entire sustainable supply chain — from the refineries and transport fleet to the end-user.

  • What areas of the bitumen and asphalt life-cycle can companies tackle to reduce carbon emissions?
  • How are companies monitoring plants and assessing their carbon footprint?
  • What choice of materials are refiners looking at and how are these acquired?
  • What are the benefits of using natural products, including crumb rubber, to meet sustainability goals?


Alexander Marais, Sales Manager, Sasol

Eivind Olav Andersen, Technology and Bitumen Manager, Veidekke

José Javier García Pardenilla, Managing Director, DITECPESA S.A., Ferrovial
  • 15:00 SAST
  • -
  • 15:40 SAST
  • Presentation: How to enhance the quality and performance of asphalt with a green agenda Mario Šandor - Head of Business Management Asphalt Performance, BASF
  • The global trend towards reuse of RAP to meet sustainability targets
  • Sustainable solutions: Meeting new demands for lower emissions and reducing temperature
  • Asphalt performance enhancers that create durable roads and reduce the environmental impact

Tech corner

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  • 16:00 SAST
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  • 17:00 SAST
  • Tech corner
Tech corner: Quick-fire 10-15 minute presentations on key technical solutions

Presentation 1:
How to scale-up capabilities from lab to plant

Presentation 2:
Cost-effective technologies to improve bitumen quality and meet new performance criteria

Presentation 3:
Digital innovations for measuring and reporting at construction sites

Presentation 4:
Increasing the percentage of RAP and overcoming technical hurdles

Case studies

Start End
  • 17:40 SAST
  • -
  • 18:20 SAST
  • Case study: How flexibility is crucial for refineries to compete in an unpredictable market - Suit-Kote
  • How investment in flexibility has created opportunities to produce more products
  • Blending products because of the lack of softer bitumen — The innovations
  • Flexibility across the supply chain and transport modes


Frank Suits, CEO, Suit-Kote

Frank Cawkell, Vice President, Suit-Kote

  • 18:20 SAST
  • -
  • 19:00 SAST
  • Latin America case study: Asphalt specifications and quality Mauricio Souza - Executive Director, Betunel Asfaltos
  • Adapting to varying specifications and parameters on viscosity and penetration grades
  • How crude imports are changing asphalt specifications, and adapting to these changes
  • What technologies need to be put in place to cut overall costs and meet requirements?

The North American GHG emissions picture

Start End
  • 20:40 SAST
  • -
  • 21:40 SAST
  • Government and state panel: Moving towards a more sustainable future and greater road longevity - Federal Highway Administration
  • What are the main political and economic drivers behind new performance requirements?
  • What new innovations are we seeing to enhance performance properties?
  • What are the cost benefits surrounding new government targets?
  • Which environmentally friendly binders and additives are making roads more durable?


Hari Kalla, Administrator for Infrastructure, Federal Highway Administration

  • 22:00 SAST
  • -
  • 23:00 SAST
  • Blenders and construction panel: Increasing the percentage of reclaimed asphalt in asphalt warm mixtures - Betunel Asfaltos
  • What methods are there to increase the use of RAP in warm mixtures to reduce CO2?
  • What technologies are available to help with reuse of asphalt?
  • How can we improve our ability to meet specification with ageing criteria?
  • How is the use of additives and polymers helping meet new specifications?

Mauricio Souza, Executive Director, Betunel Asfaltos

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