29 enero - 30 enero 2019
London, UK

Argus Chlor-Alkali

Your new opportunity to network and learn with the chlor-alkali industry

Argus Chlor-Alkali 2019 brings you a fresh opportunity to discuss the latest trends in the caustic soda industry. Faced by a fragile demand/supply balance, mystery around capacities - especially with regards to China - and future projects, challenges to balance chlorine and caustic soda demand and with an industry fraught with historically high prices and renewed price volatility, there is no better time to gather the community to discuss overcoming the worldwide market challenges.

This new conference will provide two days of content to resolve the uncertainty surrounding the markets and enable healthy collaboration between the most influential industry players.

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Your expert speakers include:

  • Stephen Harriman, Principal, Chlor-Alkali – Stephen Harriman
  • Vivek Sane, Vice-President, Reliance Industries
  • Yves Heroes, Sales and Marketing, Kem One
  • Rajesh Shethia, Managing Director, Hiranyavarnaam Chemicals and Alkalis
  • Mayank Shekhar Sharmar Chief Marketing Officer, Chlor-Alkali Business, Aditya Birla Group
  • Frank Reiner, President, Chlorine Institute
  • Javad Abdollahi, Analyst, PGPICC
  • Andy-Nicholson, Vice-President, Business Development, Petrochemicals, Argus
  • Adrian Brown, Senior Research Analyst, SSY
  • Alejandro Bagnoli, Shipbroker, Atlas Marine Group (Venezuela)
  • Stephanie Koenig, Editor, European Chlor-Alkali, Argus

Read an exclusive interview on the US market with Frank Reiner, President, Chlorine Institute

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Why you should join Argus Chlor-Alkali 2019

  1. Global focus for a globalised marketplace
    Expect to learn the latest developments in dictating the market price, including discussions on Asia, the Middle East, the Americas and Europe

  2. Your platform for efficient and extensive networking
    If you are looking to build and maintain relationships, this is the place to be. With our debating sessions, networking drinks and live polling you will access new opportunities to gain insight from industry experts. Save time and money by meeting the international supply chain all under one roof

  3. Analytical content to bring transparency to an opaque market
    Join panel discussions and presentations that will debate the toughest questions facing the industry. Are prices really market representative, and in which direction are they going? What is the future for global demand? How much capacity is there in China? If you seek answers to these questions, you will find them - and more - at Argus Chlor-Alkali 2019

Organisations that will attend:

Chlor-alkali – Paper and pulp – Alumina – Vinyl – Shipping and storage – Trading – Marketing and distribution – Engineering, procurement and construction – Investment – Consulting – Technology – Caustic soda – Soda ash – Chlorine and derivatives – Government – Associations

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Exclusive download - Chlorine production map

Download your complimentary map of current chlorine production plans across Europe, the Middle East and north Africa, influencing supply and pricing for chlor-alkali products. View now to learn the location, volumes and timelines of new chlorine production lines.