June 2022
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Specialised content & insights on crude & oil products markets

The Argus Crude Live - Digital events series brings you webinars and podcasts that address the biggest issues facing crude and oil products markets. Brought to you by the organiser of the Argus Americas Crude and the Global Crude - Geneva Summits, contact the team to register your interest in this new interactive platform.

Argus-Kpler Global Crude Update Webinar

03 November 2020 | 08.30am Greenwich Meantime

Global crude supply and demand dynamics have continuously evolved during the pandemic.  

Presented by Argus and Kpler, driven by Kpler data and analytics, this webinar will review current events impacting the global crude supply and demand picture and discuss how the markets might react in the coming months

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Argus-Hiin East of Suez Bitumen Insights

29 September 2020 | 03.00pm Singapore Time

Even with a slowing construction sector coupled with arbitrage cargoes moving to Asia-Pacific, bitumen supply availability remains a major concern for the region. With so many variable factors at play, how will the supply and demand dynamics pan out? How are companies coping with current market conditions and preparing for what might be ahead?

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Road Rollers

Argus-Hiin West of Suez Bitumen Insights

8 October 2020 | 03.00pm BST

Crude slates friendlier to middle distillates than to bitumen were expected to limit bitumen output. With tightening supply, mainly caused by strong domestic and inland demand across Europe, how does this affect availability for export markets? How might trade flows and prices rebalance?

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Road Network

Argus-Hiin Asia Roads Infrastructure Insights

29 October 2020 | 03.00pm Singapore time

Infrastructure creates economic growth. As the focus turns to getting road projects started and on line after Covid-19 lockdowns, there are rising concerns about the environmental impact of these energy-intensive projects. How will the bitumen supply chain navigate and adapt to these new conditions? 

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Trading screen

Argus-Vortexa Data Science Insights

July 2020 | Available on demand

As trading desks shift from traditional discretionary strategies to a data driven approach, join this free webinar to explore the role predictive analytics can play in this. Can the power of predictive tools really help trading firms halt the erosion of profit margins and recapture their information edge over rivals? 

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Oil products image

Argus-Vortexa Floating Storage Insights

July 2020 | Available on demand

The drastic drop in crude demand has led to near capacity, onshore and offshore storage and has forced the market to look at creative storage options including pipelines, floating storage and railcars. In this complimentary webinar, Argus, Vortexa, Moda Midstream and Teekay Tankers explore how changing dynamics are impacting trading decisions and freight rates.

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Read our exclusive Q&A with Cetin Karakus, BP

Ahead of the Argus-Vortexa Data Science Insights webinar we spoke to Cetin Karakus, Global Head of Quantitative and Analytical Solutions, BP, about predictive analytics and the best place to use it in the oil and gas industry.

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Episodes in the digital events series include:

Insight on the state and future of the crude and products markets.

How are the various regions adapting to the current environment?

Dive into regional market dynamics and market impacts for Europe, Asia and North America.

How might the traditional petroleum industry shift and will we see an increased push for renewable fuel sources?

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