March 2020
Location TBC

Argus Emissions Conference

Argus White Paper: German industrial emissions

Europe’s heavy industry is under pressure to cut its emissions. The greenhouse gas output of EU industry has barely fallen since 2013 - a trend that has not gone unnoticed by policymakers. In a bid to accelerate emissions cuts in sectors such as steel, chemicals and cement, the EU is considering the introduction of a carbon border tax. This could see industrial sectors lose their free allocation of allowances under the the EU emissions trading system (ETS), in exchange for protection against cheaper imports. Further reforms to the European carbon market may also be on the way, which could hike carbon costs for industry.

The EU ETS in 2019: where are we now?

Ahead of the 2020 Argus Emissions conference in Lisbon, Editor for Argus European Emissions Markets, Jonathan Sims, explores this year’s developments in the EU emissions trading system (ETS)

2019: A strong and steady year for the EU ETS market

Do you want to know how energy and carbon pricing are affecting your European industries? Increasing costs are putting strain on energy-intensive industries across the continent, from pulp and paper to cement and steel. Find out what’s going on with our infographic.