18 noviembre 2019
Science Museum, London, UK

Argus LPG Awards for Excellence

The 2019 winners have been revealed!

The Argus LPG Awards for Excellence culminated in a celebration of LPG industry excellence on 18 November at the Science Museum, London.

With the room packed full of LPG professionals from analysts to heads of trading, the finalists are a source of inspiration within the industry as they continue to innovate and improve services.

Congratulations to all our winners and to all those who nominated. We are proud to highlight these all-important contributions they are making to the industry and we're excited to see future success of these projects.


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What's new for 2020

The key theme to the Argus LPG Awards is ‘Adapting to Change’.

At a time when we are all confronted by the current daily challenges and uncertainty of what the next few months will bring, this year’s Argus LPG Awards will keep the focus on the celebration of such a great, innovative industry and the people who work in it. This is why the 2020 awards are open to entries and nominations from across the globe. From Europe to Asia, the US to Australia, the awards will celebrate worldwide projects, innovations, people and teams.

More technology categories 

As an indication of the importance of innovation and technology in the LPG industry, the Argus LPG Awards will also showcase and celebrate trailblazing technological developments from around the world. These products and services drive growth in the market and create new opportunities for the LPG industry - be a part of an evening that acknowledges the entire ecosystem on a global scale.

The Argus LPG Awards is a date to look forward to in your diary, an opportunity for the LPG industry to reset, as well as learn best practices to take into 2021.

Argus European LPG & Petrochemical Feedstocks Conference.

The awards will coincide with the industry leading Argus European LPG & Petrochemical Feedstocks Conference. Not only will you have the chance to enjoy a night of celebrations, but you will also be networking with many more of your peers joining from the busy two-day conference.

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2020 Award categories

This Award celebrates companies for their new technology innovations across the Global LPG Sector. Entries must be for a specific technology or product offering. Judges will be looking for how innovative a nomination is and/or the impact that nomination has had on the industry and what the implications are.

This award will be given to a c-level executive who has excelled in providing leadership, vision and dynamic innovation that has been critical to the success of their business or the advancement of the LPG industry. The judging panel will look out for those who can give examples of strategic initiatives that have strengthened or improved the business’ position in the LPG industry.

This is an individual award to celebrate excellence in the trading of LPG. The Trader of the Year Award recognises an individual’s ability to devise and implement a trading strategy that keeps their and their companies performance ahead of the competition.

This Award celebrates LPG infrastructure projects around the world. At a time of terminal construction & expansion in North America and PDH construction in Asia, with a range of projects in between, this Award recognises excellence in planning, construction, operation and contribution to the local or global LPG market-place. Project owners, operators and EPC companies are invited to nominate themselves for this Award.

This is company Award which celebrates Innovation in LPG Shipping and/or Contribution the LPG Shipping Industry. Judges will reward innovation in technology and/or business model, profitability and performance improvement, and overall impact on the LPG shipping sector.

This award celebrates either general company activity or a specific activity/action that has had a profound and/or lasting impact on the local, regional or global LPG market.

2019 judges

James Rockall
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, WLPGA
Samuel Maubanc
General Manager, Liquid Gas Europe
Henry Cubbon
Managing Director, DCC
Nicola Williams
Director, Clarksons
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