ARGUS Urea Cost and Margin Service

The Argus Urea Cost and Margin Service provides decision-makers with a dynamic tool to assess current and future production costs and netback margins for urea export plants globally.

Drawing on Argus’ extensive data and expertise across the energy and fertilizer sectors, the service offers you a unique and flexible way to examine the competitiveness of major international producers using two cost curves: Cumulative production volume by operating cost, and cumulative net export availability by cost to fob.

Create bespoke curves relevant for your interests, selecting which regions, countries, sites and years to view — these can be downloaded, along with the underlying data.


  • Understand long-term global trends: Assess the long-term costs and margins for international urea markets.
  • Support business plans and investment opportunities based on expert insight: Argus’ expertise across fertilizer and energy markets across the globe ensures information of the highest quality.
  • Access powerful market data: Examine valuable raw data to assist with your research and planning.
  • Stay ahead of your competition: Assess your position in the market, as well as your competitors.

Key features

  • Cost curve: Cumulative production volume by operating cost — including total operating costs and their summary components, namely feedstock costs, other variable costs and fixed costs
  • Cost curve: Cumulative net export availability by cost to fob — including the above data points as well as transportation and handling costs to fob and export taxes where appropriate
  • Interactive graphs based on your selections, which can all be exported alongside the underlying data
  • Updated every six months with historical data since 2014 plus a 15-year forecast
  • Coverage of 33 countries and 90 units

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