Argus Partners: DTN

Argus Partners: DTN

About DTN

DTN places great importance on delivering practical insights to esteemed customers with a diverse portfolio of energy trading solutions designed to assist you in interpreting your data and enhancing your analysis. DTN possesses extensive data, including our exclusive spot, future, and historical data from various partners.

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ProphetX Fuel Buyer


ProphetX provides you with access to both live and historical market data, enabling you to analyse market trends effectively. Additionally, users can stay up-to-date with real-time news updates that offer valuable insights into market movements. With over 2,300 market breadth indicators available, you can make informed assessments of market conditions.

Fuel Buyer

DTN Fuel Buyer delivers actionable insights, analysis, and market intelligence needed to monitor the market and make profitable decisions at any time. DTN Fuel Buyer provides you with real-time updates, news headlines and summaries, consolidates market tools and information, tailored content to support your needs, optimal purchases based on you factors, as well as view, manage and export prices.

Our Partnership

Our partnership allows you to access your Argus data subscriptions through DTN's platform. This seamless integration enables you to quickly review your Argus data alongside your other subscription data, empowering you to make well-informed decisions that can positively impact your profitability. We are confident that implementing this feature will considerably enhance your user experience. Our team is committed to consistently providing outstanding service and surpassing your expectations.


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