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Argus Canadian NGL Markets 2017

Attend the Argus Canadian NGL & Petrochemical Summit and get the market insight you need to plan your business. Gather with organizations representing petrochemicals, pipelines, producers, traders, brokers, risk managers, analysts, government, banks and many others to hear the latest developments on the market. Network and do business at the premier event designed for Canadian NGLs and Petrochemicals.

Keynote Speaker announced:

Marg McCuaig Boyd

The Honourable Margaret McCuaig-Boyd, Alberta Minister of Energy

As Minister of Energy, McCuaig-Boyd has helped spearhead key initiatives such as the successful launch of Alberta’s Modernized Royalty Framework, increasing market access for oil and natural gas, and growing private investment in the value-added sector to help secure Alberta’s future through a more diversified energy economy. Read full bio

*Keynote will take place on the Pre-confernece day, Wednesday, May 2 at 2:00 PM

 Book by March 23 and save $300!

2018 speakers include:

  • Jamie Fisher, Director Energy Exports, AltaGas 
  • James Cairns, Vice President Petroleum and Chemicals, CN Rail
  • Jean-Denis Charlebois, Chief Economist, National Energy Board
  • Dean Setoguchi, Senior Vice President Liquids Business Unit, Keyera 
  • David Chappell, Senior Vice President, Petrochemical Development, Inter Pipeline
  • Lynette Tremblay, Manager of Government Relations, Alberta's Industrial Heartland
  • Steve Weber, Vice President Petrochemicals, Argus 
  • Deacon Shorr, President, Libra Fearnley 
  • Ajey Chandra, Vice President, Muse Stancil 
  • Dave Tulk, Partner, Gas Processing Management Inc. (GPMi) 
  • Ing. Luis Landeros, Presidente del Consejo, LPGas Distributors Association
  • Amy Strahan, Editor Petrochemicals, Argus 
    ...and more to be announced soon!

Conference Photos Canada Week

Register now

Wednesday, May 2


13:00 - 14:00 Registration
14:00 - 15:00 Keynote Address
Speaker: The Honourable Margaret McCuaig-Boyd, Alberta Minister of Energy

*Keynote address is open to all Canada Week delegates
15:00 - 17:00 Private Meetings
17:00 - 20:00
Argus Canada Week Industry Reception

Murrieta’s Bar & Grill
808 1 St SW, Calgary, AB
T2P 1M9, Canada
Thursday, May 3
07:30 - 09:00 Registration and Breakfast
09:00 - 10:30 Session 1: Canadian NGL Market Dynamics
  • Global supply/demand dynamics: With the increasing availability of NGLs out of Canada, the US and other regions, where is incremental demand growing and is growth sustainable over the coming years?
  • Alberta shale development: Canadian liquids production is increasing in the Montney and Duvernay fields. Understand production estimates, costs and how well connected these plays can bring supply to market. Understand how much Canadian diluent will be consumed for Alberta’s bitumen, the logistics to bring it to market and what this will mean for US demand
  • Far East netbacks and opportunities: Asia is the fastest growing demand center for global LPG. Export terminals from Canada mean a new outlet for Canadian propane and a very competitive option to US Gulf coast supply on a delivered basis. Understand how global trade flows will determine pricing for Canadian propane in the year ahead
Nick Black, Principal LPG, Argus
Dean Setoguchi, SVP Liquids Business Unit, Keyera 
Amy Strahan, Editor Petrochemicals, Argus

Nick Black, Principal LPG, Argus
10:30 - 11:00 Networking Break
11:00 - 12:30 Session 2: West Coast Infrastructure and Seaborne Market
  • Exports from British Colombia: Hear the latest updates on Ridley Island propane export terminal
  • VLGC freight market: Get an update on the outlook for the VLGC freight market, shipping demand and freight rates
  • Argus Open Markets and world seaborne LPG trade: Understand how LPG is trading internationally for seaborne cargoes and why global markets are netting forward North American exports to consumer markets
Jamie Fisher, Director Energy Exports, AltaGas
Deacon Shorr, President, Libra Fearnley
Ross Allen
, Vice President Business Development, Argus

Ross Allen, Vice President Business Development, Argus
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 - 14:30 Presentation: Outlook for NGL
  • What is the long-term analysis for Canadian NGL production estimates? What are the expectations of future crude oil, and natural gas prices? What is the outlook for future net exports?
Jean-Denis Charlebois, Chief Economist, National Energy Board

Amy Strahan, Editor Petrochemicals, Argus
14:30 - 15:00 Presentation: Canada's Natural Gas Strategy
  • How can Canada continue competing in the North American market? How can Canadian producers get more value for their gas? Is LNG the most viable option?

Ajey Chandra, Vice President, Managing Director, Muse Stancil

Amy Strahan, Editor Petrochemicals, Argus

15:00 - 15:30 Break
15:30 - 16:30 Session 3: Opportunities for Canadian Propane in Mexico
  • What is Mexico's demand for Canadian propane and what are the strategies for imports and pricing in Mexico?
  • What are the steps to integrate into Mexico’s LPG market? What has happened historically and how has the market evolved since Mexico’s deregulation? 
Luis Landeros
, President, LPGas Distributors Association
Dave Schultz, Gas and Power, New World Fuel

Ross Allen, Vice President Business Development, Argus
16:30 - 18:00 Cocktail Reception
Friday, May 4
07:30 - 08:30 Registration and Breakfast
08:30 - 09:30 Session 4: Alberta's Petrochemical Powerhouse
  • Extending the Alberta advantage: Understand Alberta’s competitive advantage in petrochemicals and how Alberta can compete with the US in light of recent China-US investments announcement
  • Developing Alberta’s resources: Future investment opportunities in petrochemicals

Steve Weber, VP Petrochemicals, Argus
Lynette Tremblay, Manager of Government Relations, Alberta's Industrial Heartland 

Allan Fogwill, President and CEO, CERI

09:30 - 10:00 Presentation: Rail Capacity for Propane and Polymers
  • What are the latest projects to bring western Canadian propane and polymers to market?

James Cairns
, VP Petroleum and Chemicals, CN Rail

Allan Fogwill
, President and CEO, CERI

10:00 - 10:30 Break
10:30 - 12:00 Session 5: Petrochemical Projects and Regional Outlook for NGLs
  • Propane demand: Case study of Canada's first integrated propane dehydrogenation and polypropylene complex
  • Canadian butane: Blending, diluent, petrochemical feedstock? What is the supply and demand for Canadian butane production? How much is used in gasoline blending? How viable is butane for use as diluent for heavy crudes? What is the potential for use as a petrochemical feedstock?
  • Ethane supply/demand balances: What is the outlook for ethane demand and ethylene supply for eastern Canada?
David Chappell, Senior Vice President, Petrochemical Development, Inter Pipeline
Steve Weber
, VP Petrochemicals, Argus
Dave Tulk, Partner, Gas Processing Management Inc.

Allan Fogwill
, President and CEO, CERI
12:00 Conference Concludes

* Program subject to change

2018 Speakers
Marg McCuaig Boyd
Keynote Speaker: The Honourable Margaret McCuaig-Boyd, Alberta Minister of Energy

As Minister of Energy, McCuaig-Boyd has helped spearhead key initiatives such as the successful launch of Alberta’s Modernized Royalty Framework, increasing market access for oil and natural gas, and growing private investment in the value-added sector to help secure Alberta’s future through a more diversified energy economy.

Prior to her election, McCuaig-Boyd served as part of the executive team at Grande Prairie Regional College, where she oversaw aspects of the college’s trades program. She also served as a public school teacher and administrator for more than 20 years and operated a consulting company to support small- and medium-sized businesses.

McCuaig-Boyd graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor’s Degree in education, and holds a Master’s Degree in administration and leadership from San Diego State University.

Jamie Fisher
Jamie Fisher, Director Energy Exports, Altagas

Jamie Fisher is the Director Energy Exports at AltaGas Ltd., and is currently working as a part of the development team at AltaGas Idemitsu Joint Venture. AIJV was formed to pursue opportunities involving exports of LPG and liquefied natural gas LNG from Canada to Asia. Jamie has extensive experience in the development of wholesale and retail markets for natural gas, and has structured and negotiated a broad range of long-term marketing, sale, and asset management transactions at locations Canada. Companies he has held commercial roles with include Duke Energy, TransCanada Pipelines, and Merrill Lynch.

Jamie started in the energy industry as an engineer, and has a strong background in mechanical engineering, gas processing, and plant construction. He has a B.Sc. from the University of Calgary, and an MBA from the University of Western Ontario. Jamie currently lives in Calgary with his wife and two teenage daughters.
James Cairns
James Cairns,
Vice President Petroleum and Chemicals, CN Rail

James Cairns was appointed Vice-President, Petroleum and Chemicals in February 2010, based in Calgary. He oversees sales and marketing for CN's Petroleum and Chemicals business unit.

Mr. Cairns joined CN in 1988 as a train order operator, before being promoted to rail traffic controller and then to team leader with CN's Customer Service Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He entered the Sales and Marketing world in 1997 as an Intermodal account manager in Toronto, and was promoted to director, Intermodal Sales in 1999. Mr. Cairns then successively held senior positions in Intermodal Wholesale, Petroleum & Plastics Marketing, and IMX operations. Until his promotion to vice-president, he had been assistant vice-president of CN's domestic intermodal since 2007.

Mr. Cairns holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Winnipeg and an MBA from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.
Dean Setoguchi Senior Vice President Liquids Business Unit at Keyera Corp
Dean Setoguchi, Senior Vice President Liquids Business Unit, Keyera

Dean Setoguchi is the Senior Vice President, Liquids Business Unit at Keyera Corp and previously held the position of CFO. Mr. Setoguchi has more than 20 years of senior management experience in the oil and gas industry including senior executive positions in several public and private energy companies. Mr. Setoguchi currently serves on the Board of Tamarack Valley Energy and has held other Board positions including the University of Lethbridge Board of Governors. Dean is a Chartered Accountant and a graduate of the University of Lethbridge.
David Chappel
David Chappell, Senior Vice President, Petrochemical Development, Inter Pipeline

As Senior Vice President, Petrochemical Development at Inter Pipeline Mr. Chappell is responsible for structuring petrochemical infrastructure investments and commercial contracts for the company, including the development of the Heartland Petrochemical complex. Prior to joining Inter Pipeline, Mr. Chappell was most recently the president of Williams Energy Canada. Mr. Chappell joined Williams in 2000, and during his tenure has served in various leadership roles, progressing from director to president of the Canadian business in 2012. He has more than 30 years of experience in the energy industry and graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, and later completed the Executive Development Program at the University of Calgary. Mr. Chappell has worked in the areas of natural gas marketing, straddle plants, natural gas liquids and basic petrochemicals. He served on the board of the Energy Council of Canada for many years. Mr. Chappell was a founder of and helped launch the Resource Diversification Council (RDC) in Alberta, and currently serves as Vice Chair of the RDC.
Steve Weber
Steve Weber, Vice President Petrochemicals, Argus

Steve Weber is Vice President of Petrochemical Consulting for Argus DeWitt. Steve began his career with Fina in 1979 as a Process Engineer and had various other assignments in the 1980s in the Economics and Planning and Marine Transportation Groups for Fina in Dallas. In 1989, he moved to the Port Arthur refinery and later became Operations Manager at the site. Steve was named Plant Manager of the Fina/GE Joint Venture Styrene Plant (Cosmar) in 1995 and Refinery Manager at the Big Spring Texas refinery in 1998. In 2000, he returned to Louisiana to manage both the Styrene JV and the Total Petrochemicals Polystyrene Operation. Steve was named Senior Manager of Aromatics for Total in 2005, relocating to Houston.

Steve joined DeWitt & Company Inc. in 2011 after spending two years with Solomon Associates in the refining and petrochemical consulting area. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA. Steve is responsible for single client studies for refining and petrochemicals in the Americas.
Deacon Shorr
Deacon Shorr,
President, Libra Fearnley

Deacon started in the LPG industry with Fearnleys in New York City in 1983 as an international LPG broker. From 1988 thru 1994 Deacon worked as an LPG Trader with Transammonia in London and in 1994 Deacon joined Ferrell International. During his time at Ferrell Deacon developed Ferrell International into one of the largest and most successful LPG trading houses in the world. After Ferrell Deacon had several jobs in the USA including his current position as President of Libra Fearnleys USA located in Santa Barbara, CA. Deacon has a BA from the University of Colorado.
Ajey Chandra
Ajey Chandra, Managing Director, Muse, Stancil & Co.

Mr. Ajey Chandra is a Director of the firm and the Managing Director of the Houston office of Muse, Stancil & Co. where he also leads the Midstream practice area for the firm. Mr. Chandra joined Muse in 2014 after 28 years of experience in various facets of the midstream industry, including operations, engineering, business development, management, and consulting. Mr. Chandra has had a wide variety of assignments covering all aspects of the energy industry during his career, and has had several long term expatriate assignments overseas, including Europe and Southeast Asia. Mr. Chandra’s operating, consulting and management experience includes working at Amoco, Purvin & Gertz, Hess and NextEra Energy Resources prior to joining Muse Stancil. Mr. Chandra has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University and an MBA from the University of Houston. Mr. Chandra has also attended Executive Education classes at Harvard University, and is a Professional Engineer in Texas.
Dave Tulk
Dave Tulk,
Partner, Gas Processing Management Inc. (GPMi)

Dave has over 35 years’ experience in the petrochemical, gas processing and mid-stream value chains of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. He has held executive level leadership positions in both the petrochemical and mid-stream sectors.

He became a partner in GPMi with the objective of providing consulting services and expertise related to the commercial operation and development of the mid-stream and petrochemical businesses in western Canada. Dave’s expertise includes buying and selling petrochemical feedstocks and mid-stream assets as well as the development of major projects from concept to operation.

Dave’s career includes 28 years with Nova Chemicals with the majority of that time in a commercial role dealing with feedstocks, the ethylene business or new project development.

Dave took an early retirement package in 2009 when Nova Chemicals was purchased by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. He joined AltaGas Ltd two months later as the Divisional Vice President responsible for the Extraction and Transmission businesses. In 2013 Dave left AltaGas and started consulting in May 2014.

Dave holds a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada and served four years as a Combat Engineer Officer prior to joining Nova Chemicals.
Luis Landeros
Luis Landeros, President, LPGas Distributors Association

Luis Landeros serves as the president of the board for the LPGas Distributors Association (ADG) in Mexico. He has more than 25 years of experience with retail and consumer distribution companies, serving in project leadership, sales management, sales development, consulting and marketing management, and chief executive positions. The ADG serves to promote and advocate common interest of the four biggest LPG distribution groups of Mexico, concentrating 250 companies with 45 percent of the total market share, nationwide. The ADG actively participated in the elaboration of the Secondary Laws for the Mexican Energy Reform with the Secretariat of Energy, including its Hydrocarbon Regulation, Administrative Rulings and Official LPGas Standards.
Jean Denis Charlebois
Jean-Denis Charlebois,
Chief Economist, National Energy Board

Jean-Denis Charlebois joined the NEB in 2006 and has held positions of increasing responsibility including Director and his current position of Chief Economist. He lead the analysis for a number of tolls and facilities hearings as well as public engagement initiatives. As a Director, he lead various multidisciplinary teams focused on public hearings, tolls and tariff matters and regulatory policy. Prior to joining the NEB, Jean-Denis worked at the Department of Finance in Ottawa and the Canadian International Development Agency.
Lynette Tremblay
Lynette Tremblay,
Manager of Government Relations, Alberta's Industrial Heartland

Lynette is Government Relations Manager for Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association. In this role, she works with governments, associations and industry to influence policy development for attracting investment and increasing competitiveness. Previously, Lynette spent over 10 years working at senior levels with provincial and municipal governments in B.C., Ontario and Alberta.
David Schultz
David Schultz,
Gas and Power, New World Fuel

Mr. Schultz’s nearly 40 years of experience in energy has included senior positions in power generation, natural gas pipeline and storage, and LNG segments of the industry. In power generation, he has lead the development of power projects totaling more than $5 billion. In the natural gas industry, he has played a key role in the development, permitting and construction of $2 billion worth of pipeline and gas storage projects. He started Pivotal LNG, a leading merchant provider of LNG. Currently he is a partner in New World Fuel which is a leading importer of LNG, propane and refined products to Mexico.

Mr. Schultz holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from San Diego State University. He has served on various non-profit boards including Texas Energy Museum in Beaumont, Texas.
Amy Strahan Editor LPG Petrochemicals Argus
Amy Strahan, 
Editor, Petrochemicals and NGLs, Argus 

Amy Strahan is editor of Argus Media’s daily NGL Americas report and also edits daily and weekly reports on the olefins and aromatics markets. She currently covers the waterborne LPG market in the US and is a regular contributor to LPG World, Argus’ bi-monthly magazine. 
Before joining Argus, Amy worked for seven years for Bloomberg News, where she covered oilfield services and SEC regulation.
Nick Black, Principal LPG, Argus
Nick Black, Principal LPG, Argus

Nick Black is Principal, LPG for Argus, and has 30 years experience in the energy industry, including 18 years as editor of the well-known business intelligence report Argus LPG World, as well as being the launch editor of the Argus International LPG Report. Nick speaks at major LPG conferences across the globe.

Keynote Speaker

Who attends:

  • Alberta Energy Regulator
  • Alberta Industrial Heartland Assoc.
  • Altagas
  • Altiras Fuels, LLC
  • Americas Styrenics
  • Ascend Performance Materials
  • Atlantic Trading and Marketing Inc.
  • BAMSS Contracting Inc.
  • BP Canada
  • Braskem
  • Brisco Plastics and Chemicals LLC
  • C4U Trade
  • Cabot Corporation
  • CTC International
  • Dow
  • Dow Europe GMBH
  • Dow Hydrocarbons and Resources LLC
  • ENEOS Globe Corporation
  • Entero Corportation
  • Evonik Industries AG
  • Gas Processing Mgmt Inc.
  • Gibsons
  • Goodyear
  • Government of Alberta, Canada
  • Huntsman International, LLC
  • Interchem Americas
  • Intertape
  • JX Nippon Oil & Energy
  • Keyera Corp
  • Kiewit
  • Kiros Energy Marketing
  • LPGas Distributors Assoc
  • Lukoil
  • Lyondell Chemical Company
  • Marubeni America Corp.
  • Mitsui & Co. USA

  • Mitsui Rail Capital
  • Motiva Enterprises LLC
  • Muse, Stancil & Co.
  • Nagase & Co., Ltd.
  • Odfjell Terminals BV
  • OGT
  • Pembina
  • Port of Houston
  • Rangeland Energy
  • Reliance Holdings
  • SemCAMS
  • Shell Canada Energy
  • Shell Trading US
  • Statoil
  • Styrolution
  • Sumitomo Corporation
  • Suncor Energy
  • Superior Gas Liquids
  • Texmark Chemicals
  • The David Gaskin Co.
  • TonenGeneral Sekiyu K.K.
  • Total
  • Tourmaline Oil Corp
  • TPC Group
  • TransCanada Pipelines
  • Trecora Chemical
  • Tribute Energy
  • Tricon Energy
  • Trimac
  • Tulane University
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • Vertex Energy, Inc.
  • ViaMar AS
  • Watco
  • Wells Fargo
    ...and more!

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  • Argus reminds all participants of the need to be mindful of the requirement to comply with antitrust and competition laws. There should be no discussion of any matters relating to competition among participants, including discussion of individual prices, rates or market strategies and no exchange of  information concerning any other competitive aspect of an individual company’s operation. Should any participant to this conference attempt to initiate a discussion with other participants on any of these matters, we recommend that other participants end the conversation immediately, and at all times act in accordance with their own antitrust compliance policies and all applicable laws.

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