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Argus Australia and Global LNG Markets 2016

10 May 2016 | Tuesday
Pre-conference training seminar on LNG Contract

Merrick White, Partner, King & Spalding
David Phua, Senior Associate, King & Spalding

This is a unique one-day training course on LNG contracts, examining the latest patterns of contracting and emerging issues that challenge traditional practices.This workshop is intended to provide the latest guidance on LNG contracts and what options and innovations are available for companies to leverage for maximum effect.

Some of the important topics to be covered include 

  • Global gas market dynamics
  • LNG Sale & Purchase Agreements - the rapidly evolving nature of SPAs given the growth in the number of LNG portfolio traders that are willing to provide long-term supplies
  • Price reviews and international arbitration
  • Disputes on price relating to the cost of gas

11-12 May 2016 | Wednesday-Thursday
Registration and Coffee

Chairman’s Welcome Remarks

Session 1: Adapting LNG strategies in an uncertain pricing environment

  • What do the Australian supply wave and first US LNG exports mean for Asia-Pacific and global LNG pricing?
  • Exploring the economics of supplying LNG to Asia at current oil prices
  • How are suppliers’ marketing strategies evolving in an era of supply abundance?
  • Buyers’ increasing appetite for destination flexibility: how worried should Australia and others be about the US FOB model?
  • Where will US LNG flow – Asia or Europe?
  • The role of Qatar in the new LNG world order
  • Where will the next FIDs come from? Examining the viability of new projects globally in a lower-priced oil and LNG environment
  • When will the supply/demand balance tighten?
  • Exploring the trend towards shorter term contracting
  • Buyers turning sellers: what does the recent spate of Chinese reselling mean for the market?
  • India under-lifting contract volumes in response to lower spot prices
  • What impact will the Russia-China pipeline deals have on Asian LNG prices?
  • Don’t forget the wild cards: what does a lifting of US sanctions on Iran mean for global gas supply?
  • Emerging Asian LNG hubs: exploring initiatives in Singapore, Japan and China

Session 2: Buyers Panel – medium and long-term appetite and plans

  • Are Asian buyers over-contracted? Focusing the spotlight on China and Japan
  • Will China and Japan take the lead in driving the post-2020 new contract purchasing?
  • What incentives exist for buyers to move to hub-based pricing in the lower oil price environment?
  • Examining China and Japan’s gas and power market reform plans
  • China gas demand – pipeline gas vs LNG
  • Emerging Middle Eastern buyers – Jordan, Egypt and Pakistan have been driving market liquidity: what buying strategies have they adopted?
  • India’s recent role as a spot market liquidity provider. What does the government’s plan to double the country’s gas pipeline network mean for India’s vastly underutilised regasification terminals?
  • The role of FSRUs in driving demand

Session 3: Emerging trends in the LNG spot market

  • How is the recent supply surplus helping to drive spot market liquidity?
  • Destination flexibility and its impact on the spot market
  • Is the LNG market finally breaking away from crude?
  • Examining the development of the global LNG spot market: how many spot cargoes is Asia taking?
  • The emerging role of trading firms as key liquidity providers
  • Evolution of hedging and risk management strategies: how will the paper market develop? How will Asian gas market reform drive hedging activity?
  • Outlook for Gladstone spot supplies

Session 4: Evolving trends in upstream LNG investment

  • Understanding the economics of FLNG
  • Future role of importers as upstream investors
  • What does the future hold for the next generation of supply projects? Turning the spotlight on East Africa, Canada and Russia

Session 5: Building a Vibrant Australian East Coast Gas Market

  • Impact of Asia-Pacific demand on the Australian east coast domestic market: does the market have the capacity to supply both export and domestic needs, and at what cost? What arbitrage opportunities exist?
  • How will the east coast gas market evolve into a competitive and efficient marketplace?
  • What impact will rising east coast power prices have on gas demand?
  • How is liquidity at AEMO’s Wallumbilla gas supply hub evolving and how are the LNG players driving this?
  • Exploring the need for a standardised OTC contract at Wallumbilla
  • Bilateral trade versus trade on the AEMO platform at Wallumbilla
  • LNG netback versus hub gas – which new Australian east coast pricing paradigm will prevail?
  • Developing a forward curve in the east coast gas markets - what transparent price signals are needed to build a vibrant east coast gas market?
  • Addressing the pipeline challenges facing the east coast gas market

13 May 2016 | Friday
A plant visit to Santos GLNG

Australia's eastern state of Queensland has made history with the world's first coal-seam gas (CSG) to LNG exports. Santos GLNG is a pioneering venture that produces natural gas from Queensland’s coal seams and converts it into liquefied natural gas (LNG) for sale to world markets.

Site Tour Schedule
10.10 Arrive Gladstone Airport
1010 – 1030
Disembark / Board Bus
1030 - 1050 Transfer to Port Central Ferry Terminal
1050 - 1130 Visitor Inductions / PPE Issue
1130 - 1200 Ferry Transfer to Site
1200 - 1330 Windscreen Tour – Santos GLNG Site
1330 - 1400 Ferry Transfer to Port Central
1400 - 1430 PPE return and transfer to Gladstone airport

NOTE: Bottled water is permitted on the ferry / site.

We may have to adjust the above schedule by around 30 minutes subject to ferry availability.

Participation is limited and registration will close after 16 March 2016.

For speaking opportunities, please contact Joey chen
phone icon +65 6496 9926
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