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Argus China Metals Week 2016

Conference Overview

Battery Metals

The global minor metals industry is grappling with painful oversupply, but lithium 
carbonate has bucked the trend to register a strong performance on support from the Li-ion battery sector. The booming battery industry is also likely to lift future consumption of manganese, cobalt and nickel while the changing dynamics for battery chemistry, in line with the expansion of the lithium-ion battery industry, may also spark new metal demand.

The battery metals market remains upbeat, but the sustainability of a market characterised by sharply rising prices and tight supplies is unclear.


The global antimony industry has undergone several rounds of downward price 
adjustments amid plentiful global supply and weaker demand, sending prices lower compared with this time last year. Buyers and sellers expect the antimony market to bottom out soon, especially in light of the recent rebound driven by producers and traders.

There is an increased tendency for global consumers to deal with Chinese producers 
directly, rather than through traders. A new trend is also emerging for antimony producers to become more reluctant to agree deals at prices below their expectations, while smaller antimony smelters are finding it more difficult to meet delivery requests in the absence of easy access to adequate feedstock supplies.

China remains both the largest producer and consumer of antimony minerals and also 
the largest exporter of antimony products such as ingot and ATO. Despite weaker demand growth, trading opportunities still abound.

Join the conference to uncover the true drivers and trends of the market, meet with your peers and make informed business decisions that will lay the foundations for continued success in the coming years.

2016 Conference

Argus returns to Beijing this September 6-8 with dedicated Battery Metals and Antimony Conference as part of China Metals Week 2016. To find out more, please select your preference below:

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Past Attendees of China Metals Week

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