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Argus ElitePlus India Energy Week 2017

Argus and ElitePlus++ Business Services welcome you to join us at the third annual India Energy Week 2017 (IEW 2017) on 6-8 December 2017 in New Delhi, India. 

IEW 2017 is an excellent platform for global oil and gas experts, decision makers and government officials to gather and discuss India’s increasingly consequential role in the global oil sector. We anticipate more than 300 participants from over 20 countries. IEW 2017 is the perfect stage for all in the oil and gas industry to disseminate their services through delegate participation, oral presentations, panel discussions, exhibitions and sponsorship

India remains a key focus for businessmen and investors alike. Rapid GDP growth of more than 6% ranks it as one of the fastest-growing global economies. Most notably, the energy landscape in India is shifting rapidly. Renewable energy is growing at such a fast pace that the nation is on course to exceed its climate goals set out during the 2015 Paris agreement by a few years.

As one of the world’s largest importers of crude, the drop in oil prices is helping India to narrow its deficit. But low crude prices are also leading to cheaper petroleum products and could have a negative impact on exports, threatening the country’s ambitious refinery expansion targets. What is India’s contingency plan? How will it face market upheavals and volatility?

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 Conference themes:
Growing US oil supply and implications on international trade, Asian oil demand and pricing
Global shifting balances between sweet and sour crude
Expanding refineries in Asia: Challenges and opportunities
Developments on green fuel refinery and petrochemical integration
Physical trading and hedging – derivatives trading in India?
Understanding India’s refining expansion plan: Domestic usage vs international exports
Renewable energy: A developing story

  Half-day CEO round table discussions 

The changing political landscape and growing economy make India the ideal spot for business activity. The CEO round table is designed to provide an understanding of global leaders’ outlook for India as an investment destination, explore challenges and opportunities, and set out the steps government leaders are taking to make India an even more lucrative economy.

Discussion topics include:

  • OPEC output cuts: Boon or bust for Asian refiners?
  • Sustainability of oil demand growth in fast expanding Indian economy

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