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Argus Added Value Fertilizers Europe 2018

2018 Agenda

Monday 12 February


Registration and Coffee

Exhibition Stands Open

16.00 - 16.30

Speed Networking 

Your chance to get to know the other delegates during this 30-minute session. Bring plenty of business cards and be prepared for 2 minute conversations before the bell rings and you meet someone new. You will have plenty of time during the rest of the conference to follow up with valuable new contacts. All delegates welcome!

Roundtable Discussions

Your chance to talk through shared problems and exchange knowledge with colleagues working in the same field. Choose the topic which is most important for you and join in the moderated discussion. A great way to generate new ideas and meet potential suppliers, customers and partners!
18.00 - 20.00
Cocktail Reception

You can enjoy a relaxing evening before the conference kicks off. Catch up with contacts or start doing business straight away!


Tuesday 13 February


Registration and Exhibition Opens


Plenary Session: Market Drivers and New Market Opportunities


Chairperson’s Welcome Remarks

Adrian Stubbs, Principal, Potash & Fertilizers, Argus

 The European Added Value and Specialty Fertilizers Market
- Defining product categories
- Market development and drivers
- Industry opportunities

Adrian Stubbs, Principal, Potash & Fertilizers, Argus
09.30 Panel Discussion – Experiences and Opportunities in Distributing Added Value Products
- Strategies for expansion
- Estimating ROI
- Access to new products in Europe
- Market challenges

Yohan Merieau, Operations Manager – Fertilizers and Agriculture, Invivo
Natalia Iglesias Aguilera, CEO, Via FertysemDF Grupo

10.10 Growth Prospects for Water Soluble Fertilizers for Fruit and Vegetable Crops
Opportunities in Europe
- Product preferences
- Water-soluble fertilizer product advances

Kevin Moran, Chief Technology Officer, Kingenta

10.40 - 11.10
Coffee Break
11.10 The Market for Enhanced Efficiency Products for Arable Crops
- European market scope
- Nutritional input
- Regional productivity

Tiffanie Stéphani, Agriculture & Environment Manager, Fertilizers Europe
The Grower’s Perspective: Drivers and Obstacles for Adopting New Products
- Reducing operational costs
- Implementation challenges

Ricardo Serra, Vice President – ASAJA l Member of the European Social and Economic Committee, ASAJA Spanish Farmers Association

Managing the Environmental Impacts of Fertilizers
- Assessing environmental impacts
- Improving nitrogen use efficiency and adjusting application methods
- Reducing losses and eliminating carbon footprint

Eric van Kaathoven,
Director, Ekompany

12.40 - 14.00

Adding Value to Primary Nutrients

Improving Nutrient Efficiency for Increased Plant Vigour and Long-Term Crop Health

Chairperson’s Welcome Remarks

Adrian Stubbs, Principal, Potash & Fertilizers, Argus
Chairperson’s Welcome Remarks

Kevin Moran, Chief Technology Officer, Kingenta
14.00 Impacts of High-Efficiency Foliar Nitrogen on Wheat Crops
- N application
- Crop trials
- Crop yield and quality outcomes

Wilson Boardman,
Managing Director, Micromix Plant Health

Improved Nutrient Use Efficiency Through the Use of Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers
- Using smart fertilizers
- Improving nutrient management
- Adapting to changing environmental conditions

Harold van der Zande, Senior Business Development Manager MTIC, Stamicarbon

Enhancing N P and K Uptakes with Different Product Categories
- Enhancing efficiency and maximizing inputs
- Implementing new innovations
- Growth success factors

Kent Lambden, Vice President, Global Business Development & Strategy, Actagro  

Overcoming Abiotic Stress Impacts on Crop Yield and Quality with High Performance Biostimulant Products
- The need for research to improve nutrient uptake
- Abiotic stress and its effect on plant physiology, yield and quality
- Strategies for improving plant tolerance against abiotic stress alleviating yield and quality losses

José Nolasco Bethencourt, Marketing and R&D Director, Tradecorp
15.00 - 15.30
Coffee break
Coffee Break
Maintaining Phosphate Fertiliser Availability with High-Charge Polymer
- Overcoming short-term nutrient losses
- Protecting soluble phosphate for long-term efficacy
- Improved efficiency allowing lower application rates

Dirk Schröder, Technical Manager Europe/Africa, Verdesian Life Sciences Europe

Adding Value to Specialty Fertilizers and Improving Efficacy with Controlled Release and Biofertilizers
- Adding controlled release fertilizers
- Incorporating biologicals
- Methods for increasing value

Eran Barak, Independent Consultant and former Director Product Development & Technology, ICL Specialty Fertilizer
 16.00 Water Soluble Phosphate Market Opportunities
- Market size
- Phosphate market challenges
- Latest innovations in water soluble fertilizers - Outlook for 2018

Raphaël De Rijcke, Sales Director, Prayon
New Opportunities for Increasing Nutrient Use Efficiency in Plants
- Components of nutrient use efficiency and related plant traits
- Plant biostimulants and new fertilizers additives for improving NUE
- Advances in the EU regulation on EC fertilising products supporting innovation for enhanced NUE

Patrick du Jardin, Professor and Head of Laboratory, Gembloux Agro-Bio T9ech, Université de Liège
18.30 - 20.30

Cocktail Party


 Wednesday 14 February 


Registration and Exhibition Opens

Opportunities to Add Value to Conventional N,P, and K Fertilizers

08.50  Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
Opportunities to Add Value with Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur
- Assessing the contributions of widespread neglected plant macro nutrients
- Achieving the correct balance
- Growth prospects

Rolf Härdter, Head of Global Agronomic Services, K+S KALI

Thiosulphates as High Performance Liquid Fertilizers
- Active thiosulphate sulphur for enhanced plant nutrition
- Effective and economical way to reduce nitrogen loss
- Application and benefits for crops

Nicolas White, Portfolio & Knowledge Director, Tessenderlo Kerley International

 The Need for Manganese in Agriculture
- Secondary nutrient consumption
- Regional deficiencies
- Outlook for demand

Jim Crane, Agro Sales & Product Manager, PRINCE ERACHEM

 10.30 The Added Value of Balanced Fertilization with POLY4
- The need of using environmentally-sensitive fertilizers to reduce leaching and pollution due to fertilizer use
- Practical agronomic strategies that incorporate products with a good compatibility profile
- Achieving higher yields in the European region by improved macro and micro nutrient crop uptake 

Ross Mitchell, Corporate Agronomist, Sirius Minerals

Coffee Break

Adding Value to Conventional Fertilizers with Micronutrients, Biostimulants and Biofertilizers

Analysis of Chelated Micronutrient Use and Consumption in Europe
- Chelated products for improved application
- Growth drivers
- Crop responses to micronutrients

Hubert Kardasz, President, INTERMAG

Incorporating New Technology for Increasing Micronutrient Use Efficiency with Copper
- Introducing polyphenols to micronutrients
- Increasing absorption efficiency
- Measuring commercial yield

François Ryckeboer, Area Manager EMEA Fertilizers, SCL Italia – Larderello Group

Solutions for Applying Boron by Foliar Applications
- Soluble products in powder and micro-granular form
- Liquid formulations produced with mono-ethanolamine
- Liquid suspension free of solvents (water based)
- Mixtures of boron with other nutrients

Jordi Bru, Director, Global Market Development – Agriculture, Rio Tinto Borates
13.00 - 14.00
Biostimulant Product Potential
- Ensuring a good source of biostimulants
- Market development
- Assessment of international markets

Rafael De Tomas, International Manager, AGRITECNO FERTILIZANTES

Impacts of Regulatory Uncertainty and Barriers for Development within the Biostimulants Sector
- EU regulatory overview
- The process for defining biostimulant products
- The need for harmonization of legislation on biostimulants
- Creating opportunities for a greater level of innovation

Paul Mullins, Vice President, European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC)

 End of conference

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